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G’Vine Gin at Velluto Bar, Potts Point

G’Vine. A name that evokes a certain charm. Soft, delicate, romantic, perhaps a little feminine and sensual. After all, that is what you would expect from a Gin de France.

G’vine is a name that combines gin with vigne, a small-batch gin crafted with grape spirit and produced in the French region of Cognac. The gin is infused with the vine flower as well as nine other botanicals which give it its unique characteristics.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
L-R: Esprit de June, Nouaison, Floraison

Over a cocktail and canapé evening at Velluto Champagne & Wine Bar in Potts Point, four canapés were paired with cocktails, with Chef Blair Cooper and Bar Manager Cameron Battley introducing each match respectively.

Speaking at the event, Yves Le Boulengé from EWG Spirits and Wine introduced the history of G’Vine and its range of spirits. The company was founded in 2001 by Jean Sebastien Robicquet who he had the vision to produce white spirits based on grapes. His first venture resulted in a renowned premium grape spirit based vodka before creating the small batch production gin.

G'Vine Gin
Yves Le Boulengé

G’Vine Floraison (40% ABV) refers to the short period before the vine flower turns into a berry. The gin is made from grape spirit as the base. The grape flowers are picked and macerated then distilled with the gin. Floral on the nose with a little sweetness that translates to the front palate, the spirit finishes with fruitiness and a long clean finish on the back palate.

G’Vine Nouaison (43.9% ABV) is a balance between botanicals and spice. The name refers to the birth of the berry, when the vine flower forms a tiny green berry that attaches onto the stem. The berry is in turn picked and macerated with the gin. The juniper is evident on the nose followed by the other botanicals. On the palate, there is an initial alcohol kick from the higher ABV followed by a very dry finish. Skin to a London style gin, Nouaison goes well in a Martini.

Both Floraison and Nouaison use similar botanicals but the percentage varies between the two gins.

Esprit de June (28% ABV) is a sweet and floral liqueur made from the vine flowers of the cabernet, merlot and ugni blanc grapes. It has complex floral and fruity aromas but contains no fruit. The flavour comes from the distillation of the flowers.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
G’Vine cocktails

G’Vine Floraison and Fever Tree Tonic was served in arrival. Fever Tree Tonic is made by blending botanical oils with spring water and the highest quality quinine from the fever tree to produce a natural tonic with a clean and refreshing taste and aroma. Added to the Floraison and garnished with sliced grapes in toothpicks, the combination was testament to the use of a quality mixer.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
G’Vine Floraison and Fever Tree Tonic

The drink was matched with Juniper and citrus cured salmon, pink grapefruit, coriander oil and micro basil, a canapé that captured the botanicals of the gin.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
Floraison and Tonic with cured salmon

Next was G’Vine Floraison Martini with Esprit de June Wash, a medium dry Martini perfumed with a fruity and floral mist from the liqueur and garnished with two grapes in lieu of olives.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
G’Vine Floraison Martini with Esprit de June Wash

The cocktail was matched with a delicious and zesty crab cake sitting atop a salad of picked ginger, cucumber and rockmelon, ginger, aioli and coriander.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
Crab Cake

Nouaison Sour was prepared with G’Vine Nouaison, Esprit de June, whipped into a lemon meringue, tinted with Peychauds and topped with Iranian fig – a balance of sweet and sour flavours to complement the drier style gin. The drink was matched with spiced ginger bread basked, Picandine en Périgord goats cheese, macerated fig and candied citrus. Delicious.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
Nouaison Sour

The final match was a celebration of floral, fruity and sweet flavours with an Orchard Blossom cocktail made with white peach, Esprit de June and green tea matched with a decadent Cardamom pannacotta, grape de june, mango, lime syrup lemon balm.

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
Orchard Blossom with pannacotta

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar

L-R: Geraint David (Southtrade), Andrew Foley (Southtrade), Yves Le Boulengé (EWG Spirits & Wine), Cameron Battley (Bar Manager), Blair Cooper (Chef), Simon Davies (EWG Spirits & Wine), Tony Lau (Southtrade)

G'Vine Gin at Velluto Bar
Velluto Bar

The G’Vine cocktails and canapés event was held at Velluto Champagne & Wine Bar who offer bespoke dining experiences through Becker Minty with event catering at home, at a venue or at the premises in Potts Point.

Velluto is featured in Sydney’s top wine bars.

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Velluto Champagne and Wine Bar
7 / 50 Macleay Street
Potts Point NSW 2011

The event on Tuesday 20 November 2012.

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