I’m very excited to announce the launch of my second digital book, ‘SHRUBS & BOTANICAL SODAS, Drinking Vinegars from The Garden’.


Following the success of GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN, Drinks Writer Corinne Mossati has launched ‘SHRUBS & BOTANICAL SODAS – Drinking Vinegars from the Garden’, the second title in the GROW IT EAT IT DRINK IT books.

SHRUBS & BOTANICAL SODAS is a digital passport to a world of flavour, creativity and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks from the garden.

The 60+ digital book is aimed at home gardeners, drink enthusiasts and cooks of all skill levels. It teaches how to transform home-grown fruit, vegetables, herbs, Australian native botanicals, flowers, citrus and spice into delicious drinking vinegars.

Featuring 20 savoury and sweet shrub recipes followed by botanical sodas and no-and-low alcohol drink recipe templates, the book includes full page colour photographs taken throughout the seasons on location in The Gourmantic Garden.

“The book is not just a collection of shrub recipes,” says Corinne Mossati. “It’s a celebration of sustainable sipping, championing an eco-friendly and mindful drinking culture using garden-fresh ingredients while reducing food miles and waste. It's ideal for non-drinkers and designated drivers.”

The introductory chapters have all the shrub basics, from the shrub-making methods and various types of sugar and vinegar to the proper storage of shrubs. The second part consists of 20 shrub recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions, sustainability and zero waste tips along with drink and food suggestions. The third part contains drink recipe templates incorporating botanical sodas, non-alcoholic beverages, low-alcohol drinks and cocktails.

SHRUBS & BOTANICAL SODAS is the second title in the GROW IT EAT IT DRINK IT books after GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN and is available as a digital download in pdf format HERE. Thank you for supporting an independent author.


Announcing the launch of my digital book, 'GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN, 1 Part Grow Guides, 1 Part Cocktails & a Dash of Flavour Pairing featuring 50 Botanicals including Australian Natives from The Gourmantic Garden'.

The book was 2 years in the making and it launched on 26th June which is the 14th anniversary of the Gourmantic brand.

Like a classic cocktail, GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN is built around 1 part gardening, 1 part cocktails and a dash of flavour pairing. The book features 50 botanicals including Australian natives grown in The Gourmantic Garden.

Aimed at a new generation of home gardeners and cocktail enthusiasts, the 260+ page digital book is for anyone who wants to grow their own food and transform their produce into delicious drinks. It’s suitable for all garden spaces, from a sunny balcony and a modest courtyard to a large backyard garden. The book is equally suited to beginners as well as those who have experience in gardening and / or mixing drinks and want to step up their gardening or cocktail repertoire.

“This book is a game changer,” says Corinne Mossati. “While most people grow an edible garden to bring food to the table, this book will also have gardeners mixing botanical cocktails at home and drink enthusiasts growing their own cocktail ingredients.”

Featuring over 85 cocktail and prep recipes including syrups, liqueurs, shrubs, oxymels, ferments and tinctures, the book includes 50 full page colour cocktail photos taken throughout the seasons on location in The Gourmantic Garden.

Part 1 introduces the basics of gardening and cocktails from essential tools to terminology and techniques. Part 2 dives into 50 chapters with an A-Z of botanicals including Australian natives with easy-to-follow grow guides, botanical photographs, variations to try and flavour pairings before it all comes together in a glass. The cocktail recipes have all the steps required for the cocktail preparation, including prep recipes for making syrups, shrubs, cordials, infusions, tinctures and more. Part 3 consists of useful appendices with practical resources on how to deal with common garden pests and diseases, DIY organic sprays, unit measure conversion along with digital resources and further reading.

GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN is the first title in the GROW IT EAT IT DRINK IT books and is available now as a digital download in pdf format. Thank you for supporting an independent author.