After 11 years of online publication and as announced on 26 June 2020, Gourmantic is no longer updated with new editorial. More information here.

Established in 2009, Gourmantic was founded by Corinne Mossati who is principal writer/editor and Kevin Burke as photographer and writer.

PR, Media Releases & Invitations

As of January 2019 onwards, we’ve simplified the website with categories that reflect the evolution of the food and drink scene and the blurring of the lines between restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and food venues. As such, Gourmantic’s articles will be grouped under the following categories:

  • EAT & DRINK OUT – new restaurants, wine bars, pubs, craft beer bars, food venues in Sydney
  • DRINKS – wine, champagne, beer, cider and other non-distilled alcoholic beverages
  • EVENTS – product and venue launches related to the above
  • TRAVELexperience based culinary travel, city stays, accommodation/hotel reviews, airline reviews
  • NEWS – food and wine industry news and awards

NOTE: Cocktail bars and spirits are now featured on our sister website, Cocktails & Bars where we work with on a paid partnership basis with brands.


We do NOT publish editorial on supermarket products, cooking, food recipes, health, fitness, kitchen products, fast food outlets, family and children to name a few. Please take a few moments to look through the website before sending unsolicited emails.

Please note that accepting an invitation (or a product sample) does NOT guarantee an editorial. If you would like a guaranteed editorial, please contact us to discuss sponsored article rates.

Copyright & Photography

Gourmantic is an All Rights Reserved website. Any written content and photographs we take during an event, an invitation or a review remain the property of Gourmantic and cannot be used elsewhere without explicit prior written agreement which involves a fee.

If you would like to use our photographs, they are available for purchase under a licensing fee. If you would like our photography services to cover an event or a launch, these can be negotiated in advance of an event for a fee.

Media Trips and Travel Famils

Gourmantic is available for media trips and famils and has worked with several travel and lifestyle brands such as Eurostar, Rail Europe, Turkish Airlines, Air New Zealand, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Taylors Wines, Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association and more. Refer to the Travel Media page for detailed information.

Travel PR please note: Our travel section is purely experience-based. Please do not send us travel media releases unless they’re accompanied by an invitation to a media famil.

In the Media

Gourmantic is proud to have been featured and referenced in several respected print and online publications. Corinne Mossati has been published on Executive Style by Fairfax among other credentials. Refer to the About page for the full list and this article for a snapshot of Gourmantic in its first 10 years.

(Updated November 2019)