All-Time Favourite Events

Our All-Time Favourite Events follows on from our All-Time Favourite Travel Articles and All-Time Favourite Food Articles, the third and final in the series in the lead up to Gourmantic’s 11th birthday.

Event coverage was a major part of Gourmantic over the years and was often complemented by a Facebook page gallery of the events, with most of the photography taken by Kevin Burke, aka Mr Gourmantic. As instagram became popular, reader interest in events coverage started to wane. Here are our all time favourite events. it was a tough job narrowing them down to 11.


1. The Great Whisk(e)y Rumble

The Great Whisky Rumble Favourite Events

“Round Two had Mike Miyamoto introducing Hibiki Japanese Harmony and having a dig at John Campbell of Laphroaig for having one season in Scotland. But in true Japanese style ended with “You are the mentor to us,” which had the audience in applause.”Read the rest of the article here.

2. Hendrick’s Gin Theatre of Curiosities

Hendrick's Gin Theatre of Curiosities

“Midgets at the door, stilt walkers and a spooky setting the tone for Hendrick’s Gin Theatre of Curiosities. Live theatre, copious amounts of Hendrick’s Gin cocktails and a bewildered audience made for an extraordinary event at a secret location.”Read the rest of the article here.

3. Favourite Events: Glenmorangie Secret Society Dinner

Glenmorangie Secret Society Favourite Events

“In true spirit of the Secret Society, David Blackmore presents two samples of whiskies.”Read the rest of the article here.

4. Champagne Mumm Brunch in an Igloo

Champagne Mumm Brunch Favourite Events

“The Canapé Rose du Caviar Noir/Black Caviar Rose drew inspiration from the ethos of victory of the House of Mumm and its association with prestige events as Formula 1 and the Melbourne Cup. Delicately served on a rose petal with layers of yoghurt and brioche crumble, it’s creamy, salty and textural while drawing on the Pinot Noir component of the Cordon Rouge champagne.”Read the rest of the article here.

5. Schweppes Elixir Launch

Schweppes Elixir Launch

“I am met by a tall, enigmatic gentleman with long blond curls beneath his top hat. With blue eyes that shine through the darkness, he asks me to follow him below ground. I lift my long ruffled skirt over the stone steps softly illuminated by lanterns.”Read the rest of the article here.

6. Underground Cinema: La Guerre

Underground Cinema: La Guerre Favourite Events

“The urgent télégramme stated, Vive La Résistance, an invitation by Underground Cinema to time travel to the 1940s, into the midst of World War II and be immersed in a unique secret cinema live experience. But Shhh… c’est un secret… The location was a secret, the dress code was the best of 1940s and the instructions were to bring something to trade.”Read the rest of the article here.

7. Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary – A Time Travelling Journey

Jack Daniel's 150th Anniversary

“As the tasting concludes, who is this man in navy patterned pyjamas and a battered suitcase that appears? What is he babbling about, prohibition? Wrong country, wrong time. Or are we taking a journey through his dreams, his memories.”Read the rest of the article here.

8. Gourmantic Celebrates 8 Years with the Gourmantic Origins Dinner

Gourmantic 8th Birthday

“The Gourmantic Origins Dinner consisted of 8 courses with 8 guests at the table, a total of 18 individual dishes accounting for canapés, sides dishes and dietary requirements. The menu was curated by us and executed by us on the night, just as we used to do long ago.”Read the rest of the article here.

9. Favourite Events: Project Botanicals Sydney

Project Botanicals Favourite Events

“Sydney is in for an unforgettable experience in November with Project Botanicals, a cocktail and food degustation pop up by Bombay Sapphire gin in collaboration with Biota Dining.”Read the rest of the article here.

10. The Singleton Spey Cascade Launch

The Singleton Spey Cascade

“Stepping through to the Woodland Sour Bar, basket in hand, guests foraged for their favourite ingredients to create a bespoke cocktail.”Read the rest of the article here.

11. Favourite Events: Cocktail Island Festival

Cocktail Island

““Welcome to Cocktail Island” coupled with a lei on arrival near the Think Spirits Beach Bar had you thinking you stepped into a cocktail-infused fantasy on a patch of dry land you’d never want to leave.”Read the rest of the article here.

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