Christmas Day on Sydney’s Bondi Beach

It may sound like a cliché or a much-publicised haven for backpackers. Year after year, hoards of travellers, visitors, even locals converge on the golden sands of Bondi Beach to spend Christmas Day at one of Sydney’s iconic beaches. Decked out in bold red Santa hats and proudly wearing Christmas decorations around bikinis, girl elves in short red skirts and men in Santa costumes are common sightings.

Beachgoers park their decorated Christmas trees next to their beach towels, pose for photographs in the front of the surf, even take on to surfboards in their best Christmas beachwear. Walking along the stretch of the beach, it is evident by the variety of foreign accents that visitors bring an international touch with a big party ambience that draws in an eclectic crowd.

When celebrating Christmas in the midst of summer, one may as well partake in the local culture. Plans this year were to throw towels over our shoulders and head down to Bondi Beach for an exercise in people watching, photography and a refreshing swim in the clear waters. Unfortunately, the weather was nostalgic for the Northern Hemisphere and Sydney was awash with rain and cooler temperatures.

The photographs below were taken during previous visits when Sydney put on her best summer dress. Enjoy the slice of Australiana that Sydney often serves on Christmas Day.

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Corinne Mossati

Corinne Mossati is a drinks writer, author of GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN, SHRUBS & BOTANICAL SODAS and founder/editor of Gourmantic, Cocktails & Bars and The Gourmantic Garden. She has been writing extensively about spirits, cocktails, bars and cocktail gardening in more recent years. She is a spirits and cocktail competition judge, Icons of Whisky Australia nominee, contributor to Diageo Bar Academy, cocktail developer and is named in Australian Bartender Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential List. Her cocktail garden was featured on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and has won several awards. She is a contributor to Real World Gardener radio program and is featured in several publications including Pip Magazine, Organic Gardener, Australian Bartender and Breathe (UK). Read the full bio here.


  • Just discovered your blog via another blog (perhaps Grandtourismo?)
    I’ve heard of Bondi Beach, but never seen any pictures of it. It reminds me of South Beach in Miami. What’s the water temperature around the Christmas holidays?

    • Hello and welcome!
      It depends on the weather which tends to fluctuate around that time. We’ve had cool and wet weather at Christmas around 20C to hot and humid 40C. It’s a bit like the lottery! As far as the water temps, it can be around 20C so it’s great for swimming. If you ever get the chance to spend Christmas Day at Bondi, it is a lot of fun!

  • […] In keeping with European traditions, we celebrate on Christmas Eve with my family and on Christmas Day with Mr G’s. As self-appointed cooks, my mum, Mr G’s brother and I take our roles seriously and enjoy every minute of the preparations. On occasion, when time and weather permits, we celebrate with the hoards of tourists by going to Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. […]