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Beenleigh Rum Re-launch

Beenleigh Rum, Australia’s oldest rum distillery, relaunched in Sydney at Low 302 bar with new packaging, improved premium spirits and a new addition, Beenleigh Honey, Australia’s first honey-infused rum.

Now owned by Vok Beverages, the heritage-listed distillery was registered in 1884.

Beenleigh Rum
Beenleigh Rum

Guests enjoyed a selection of canapés with cocktails created by Low 302 Bar Manager, Reece Griffiths. Served on arrival was the Cream Honey Punch, a mix of Beenleigh Honey, Cream Honey, house-made sherbet, citrus, earl grey tea and spices with fresh fruits. This was followed by the Highball #5, a blend of Beenleigh White Rum, lime juice, apple juice and Falernum syrup. The Old Vice was a delicious  blend of Beenleigh  5  Year  Old  Dark Rum,  cigar  syrup  and  chocolate  bitters.

Beenleigh Distillery Manager, John Mulraney followed with rum tastings of each of the three spirits. Beenleigh rum is made from molasses, water and proprietary yeast. The spirit is pot distilled, a method which produces a heavier style than column still rum.

Beenleigh White Rum (37.5% ABV) is aged in wood for two years then filtered using carbon to remove the colour and heavy oak tones. Suited for cocktails, the spirit is smooth and has little bite, with layers of hazelnut and vanilla combined with the sweetness of the molasses.

Beenleigh Honey Liqueur (35% ABV) is made from Beenleigh Dark Rum infused with a pure strain of Ligurian honey, sourced from Clifford’s farm on Kangaroo Island. The spirit has toffee on the nose, with soft vanilla, spice and a honey finish. Not overly sweet, the rum is good to sip on its own or use in cocktails.

Beenleigh Dark Rum (40% ABV) is aged for five years in small, ex-brandy vats which gives it a dark caramel colour. Viscous on the palate, it has spiced oak and toffee apple notes with a lingering smooth and floral finish. This is a quality sipping rum made to be savoured.

Beenleigh Rum
Distillery Manager, John Mulraney

The Beenleigh Distillery is located in Queensland between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The distillery will soon be opening to the public and plans to offer cellar door exclusives.

The Beenleigh Rum Re-launch was held on Tuesday 23 July, 2013 at Low 302 in Darlinghurst.

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