Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra

Dark, sweet and alluring. The kumato is back in season and in celebration, a Kumato Greenhouse was set up on the grounds of Chiswick Restaurant in Woollahra where a media lunch was held last week.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Kumato Greenhouse at Chiswick

The Kumato was discovered in south of Spain when grower Luis Ortega noticed that when his tomatoes that received less water, they were darker in colour but were sweeter and had more flavour. The Kumato was then developed through traditional breeding techniques of crossing wild and domestic tomatoes, without the use of genetic modification, and is now naturally occurring.

From Spain to Australia, Kumatoes are grown hydroponically in a glasshouse at Tatura in Victoria while Grape Kumatoes are also grown near Bundaberg, Queensland. The name was chosen to give it a tropical feel.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Kumato Seasonal Lunch

Kumatoes change colour from bright green to dark brown colour when ripe. When green, it has acidity and a bite, when it turns red, it makes the best sauces and when brown, it has the most sugar content. Kumatoes are best kept at room temperature to maintain their fructose content and unique flavour.

The smaller Grape Kumato has a dark chocolate appearance and is a little sweeter. This tomato variety is hydroponically grown. Both have firm flesh which makes them easy to prepare.

Kumato Chiswick
Kumato Bloody Mary

A Kumato Bloody Mary made with Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka, Kumato juice and condiments was served on arrival – strong, spicy and packing a lot of flavour. What followed was a feast of share plates from the Chiswick kitchen that reflect co-owners Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan food philosophy celebrating the simplicity of great produce with the seasons.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Kumato bruschetta

Kumato bruschetta with white anchovies was a good appetiser to prime the palate. The sweetness from the Kumatoes and the saltiness of the white anchovies worked well together on char-grilled bread.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Rosemary flat bread

The warm rosemary flat bread topped with salt flakes had a great wood-fired aroma,

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Char-grilled carrots with smoked almonds, cumin and lemon

and the char-grilled carrots with cumin and lemon were firm to the bite with the smoked almonds adding another element of texture to the dish.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Kingfish with avocado, radish and nashi pear

Light, summery and fresh, the Kingfish with avocado, radish and nashi pear was the favourite of the entrée share plates.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Wood-roasted chicken with brussel sprouts and bread sauce

Brussel sprouts never tasted so good with the wood-roasted chicken served on top of a bread sauce.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Wood-roasted Moran family lamb with chickpeas and mint

The famous Moran family lamb not only lived up to its reputation but exceeded expectations with the succulent meat falling off the bone at the slightest touch.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Green beans, confit eshallots and capers

A side dish of green beans topped with a confit of eshallots and capers accompanied the meal,

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Pickled kumatoes with rosa radish, goats cheese and basil salad

as well as a refreshing salad of pickled kumatoes with rosa radish, goats cheese and basil.

Kumato Chiswick
Taylors Jaraman wines

A selection of Taylors Jaraman wines were served. The Taylors Jaraman Riesling 2012 had floral aromas of citrus blossom and jasmine, with refreshing lime and flavours and good length and acidity. The Taylors Jaraman Shiraz 2010 had aromas of dark berry and dark cherry fruit along with subtle plum pie and then spicy overtones of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove aromas – a wine with oak characters of coffee and chocolate that has a long and lingering finish.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Passionfruit tart and coconut ice cream

Dessert followed with a delectable passionfruit tart served with coconut ice cream,

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick Woollahra
Caramelia éclair with strawberry caviar

and a delicious Caramelia éclair with strawberry caviar putting a rich, sweet and satisfying end to the lunch.

Kumato Lunch at Chiswick
Chiswick Restaurant, Woollahra

The Kumato Seasonal Lunch was held on Tuesday 23 October 2012 at Chiswick in Woollahra. Gourmantic attended the event as a media guest.


Chiswick Restaurant
65 Ocean Street
Woollahra NSW 2025
Ph: (02) 8388 8688

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