Champagne Jayne: Glamor on the Go Champagne Experience

Champagne and Chandeliers. Edutainment and Glamour. Delectable food and entertaining company. These are just the highlights that make up a successful party.

The event is a corporate Glamor on the Go Champagne Experience with guest speaker Champagne Jayne, a respected authority and advocate of fine bubbles delivering her unique brand of “sparkling edutainment“. Mr G and I are her invited guests. We met the bon vivant lady at the Ultimo Wine Centre Annual Champagne Tasting and more recently as her guests at the Greenhouse by Joost Finale Party.

Champagne Jayne
Champagne Jayne

Jayne Powell (aka Champagne Jayne) is an expert on Champagne with a soon to be published book, Champagnes – Behind the Bubbles. With a host of functions to her name spanning many of Australia’s Top 100 companies, she is sharing her knowledge in an engaging and entertaining fashion. Champagne Storyteller, author, speaker, educator and entertainer, Jayne connects consumers to Champagne in an exciting alternative to standard corporate entertainment.

Champagne Jayne
Blason De Bourgogne Rosé on arrival

We are greeted on arrival by a glass of Blason De Bourgogne Rosé. The topless waiters with their model looks are a reminder that this is indeed pampering to a ladies’ night. The elegant space is brimming with sparkling chandeliers and warm red lighting. There is a make-shift beauty salon and a tent for tarot cards and palmistry readings. A DJ is playing mood music.

The beauty and hair experts of Glamor on the Go are pampering the ladies with their glamour services that include 10 minute makeovers, manicures, upstyles or dry hair styling.

Glamor on the Go - Champagne Jayne
10 minute makeovers

I opt for a ‘lips n lashes’ makeover with the lovely Boo Talbot applying a few false lashes to lengthen my own and a bold red lipstick to define my lips. Under her expert hands, my long straight hair is turned into bouncing curls in mere minutes. I emerge from the makeover feeling glam, feminine and on top of the world, just as one of the handsome waiters tops up my glass.

Champagne Jayne
Glamor on the Go: Champagne and manicures

Glamor on the Go - Champagne Jayne
Boo Talbot (Glamor on the Go) and Champagne Jayne

Champagne Jayne
Glamor on the Go Services

Champagne Jayne takes to the podium and in her convivial style, she greets everyone in French and English. Captivating and gregarious, she delights the audience as she introduces the first sparkling wine of the evening.

Champagne Jayne
CJ Presenting Blason De Bourgogne Rosé

Before going into the specifics of the wine, she clarifies that Blason De Bourgogne Rosé is not in fact Champagne as it comes from Burgundy. Jayne explains that the feud between the two regions in France is centuries old dating back to the time of Louis XIV. Dr Fagon, the Sun King’s physician persuaded him to drink Burgundy wine to combat his gout. We also learn that at that time, there were still wines as it was not until the 18th century that bubbles were introduced.

Blason De Bourgogne Rosé
Blason De Bourgogne Rosé

Blason De Bourgogne Rosé is an apéritif style sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes. Light, fresh and fruity, the pale pink sparkling is easy to drink and has fragrant notes of strawberry on the nose and apricot and peach flavours on the palate.

The first canapé is served, a sesame crusted tuna with wasabi mayo and wakame to compliment the Blason. For the vegetarian and no seafood option, there is a baked goats cheese and pimento tart with spiced tomato pickle.

Champagne Jayne
Sesame crusted tuna with wasabi mayo and wakame

Jayne introduces the first Champagne of the evening, Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge in Piccolo, served in 200 ml bottles with red and black straws.

Champagne Jayne
CJ Presenting Mumm Cordon Rouge

She regales us with the correct pronunciation of Mumm, not in a French accent, as this Champagne was started by three German brothers in 1827. This is the oldest wine on tasting this evening, and was the best selling champagne in American bordellos at the end of the 19th century.

Made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, this Champagne is made from reserve wine of different vintages. It has a well-rounded and fruity style with elegant aromas of fresh tropical fruits on the nose and vanilla and caramel undertones on the palate.

Champagne Jayne
Mumm Cordon Rouge Piccolo

Mumm Cordon Rouge is matched with seared lamb fillet with smoked eggplant purée and pomegranate and the market best oysters with Champagne and eshallot vinegar that are set up on the reception bar.

Champagne Jayne
Oysters with Champagne and eshallot vinegar

During a break from tasting, more Blason De Bourgogne Rosé is served while guests are getting pampered by Glamor on the Go or having their tarot card readings, palmistry and numerology told by the ladies of Argyle Oracle Readings.

Champagne Jayne
Argyle Oracle Readings

Champagne Jayne
Tarot cards

My initial skepticism wavers and I choose to have a tarot card reading. Much to my surprise, I find it to be a positive experience. But there is no point in tempting fate. I pass on the rest of the readings and top up my glass instead.

Champagne Jayne
Blason De Bourgogne Rosé – top up wine.

I take a sneak peek into the make-shift kitchen where Executive Chef Darryl Grey from Simon Ekas Catering is busy preparing the remaining courses.

Simon Ekas Catering - Champagne Jayne
Prepping with Executive Chef Darryl Grey

The next dish is a seared ocean trout with dill creme fraîche, cooked to perfection with a crispy skin and a moist flavoursome flesh. This dish may or may not have had an encore; I am not at liberty to break a pact I made with another guest.

Champagne Jayne
Seared ocean trout with dill creme fraîche

Champagne Jayne introduces the next Champagne, Pierre Gimonnet Blanc de Blancs. This is a 1er cru made purely from Chardonnay grapes. We learn that this is a growers Champagne, with the family owning 25 hectares of vineyards spread across 1er cru Cuis, and the Grand Crus of Cramant and Chouilly.

Champagne Jayne
CJ introducing Pierre Gimonnet Blanc de Blancs

When the global economy went into recession in 1929, the price of grapes plummeted by 50 per cent. Consequently, the Champenois were left with 150 million bottles in their cellars when only 4.5 million were sold internationally. As a result, Champagne makers had to entice local consumers to their brands and small vineyard owners pooled their resources to create Champagne cooperatives to survive under these market conditions. The result was to market Champagne under the name of a particular village, with the motto, “Let the growth in Champagne replace the brand.” And that is historically how the house of Pierre Gimonnet became a growers’ Champagne.

Champagne Jayne
Champagne Pierre Gimonnet Blanc de Blancs

Light, fresh and crisp with a slight acidity, Gimonnet Blanc de Blancs is a good accompaniment to fish dishes. Tonight, it is paired with seared scallops with sauce vierge – plump and juicy, served with cherry tomato, basil, oil and lemon juice.

Champagne Jayne
Seared scallops with sauce vierge

The Gimmonet is also paired with the goats curd on rye with beetroot relish as the vegetarian and no seafood option for this course.

Champagne Jayne
Goats curd on rye with beetroot relish

Green gold in colour, fresh and fruity on the palate, this is a delicate style of blanc de blancs Champagne described as having classic citrus notes and a lingering finish that leaves you wanting more.

Bollinger Special Cuvée may need little introduction as it is known as the Champagne of James Bond. Jayne takes the opportunity to remind us of three benefits of drinking this classic full-bodied Champagne that is dry and vinous. With less than 100 calories a glass, it has mild diuretic qualities and aids in weight loss. When the yeast breaks down with the ageing bubbles, it reconstitutes into amino acids which basically yield extra protein, and as a natural anti-depressant, the happiness factor is always evident when enjoying a glass.

Champagne Jayne
CJ presenting Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée

A blend of 25% Chardonnay, 60% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meunier, Bollinger Special Cuvée is a classical style of pinot noir dominant champagne with great complexity and potential longevity – like 007 himself.

The Bollinger is paired with pumpkin, leek and pecorino ravioli served with burnt butter sauce resting on a small bed of mashed pumpkin.

Champagne Jayne
Pumpkin, leek and pecorino ravioli with burnt butter sauce

Champagne Jayne
Spicy lamb and couscous

Another course is served, one that I saw prepped a little earlier with spicy lamb on a serve of fluffy couscous.

With the final tasting, Champagne Jayne takes to the steps in front of the kitchen island where guests have gathered. She introduces Champagne Duval-Leroy Rosé, crafted from 1er cru Pinot Noir, with a dash of grand cru Chardonnay.

She explains that this Champagne house is a very successful family business. Much like Veuve Clicquot, Madame Carol Duval Leroy took over and expanded the business when her husband died of cancer. A woman who epitomises the modern day Champagne widow, 70% of her workforce is female, including her wine maker.

Champagne Jayne
CJ presenting Champagne Duval-Leroy Rosé

This salmon coloured rosé champagne has wild cherries on the nose and a well balanced mature vinosity on the palate with strawberries and hints of fig and ginger and is a great match with the dessert course.

The chocolate tarts with hazelnuts and raspberries are wickedly good that I can’t stop at just one. Our waiter tempts us with the fig tarts then returns with another offering of the chocolate tarts. Resistance in this very case is futile.

Champagne JayneChampagne Jayne
Chocolate tart with hazelnuts and raspberries – Fig tarts

Champagne Jayne
Champagne Duval-Leroy Rosé in fine company

Food is aplenty on the kitchen island with Red Velvet Cup Cake tiers by Ghermez Cupcakes, a French cheese board from Simon Johnson including Brique d’Affinois and Florette, as well as fresh strawberries, figs and breads.

Champagne JayneChampagne Jayne
Red Velvet Cup Cake tiers by Ghermez Cupcakes

Champagne Jayne
Simon Johnson cheese board and assorted breads

Champagne JayneChampagne Jayne
Fresh strawberries, chocolate cigars, figs

With approximately 100 guests, the evening progresses incredibly fast which is testament to a successful, entertaining and enjoyable event.

Champagne Jayne
Champagne Jayne with Leon Adler (Event Manager for Champagne Jayne)

Champagne Jayne

Champagne Jayne
Waiters/Models from Visions In Style (L to R): Tom, Dan, Romeo

Champagne Jayne
Champagne Jayne – Sparkling Edutainment

Gourmantic attended the event as media guests.

Champagne Jayne

Simon Ekas Catering

Photography by Kevin Burke for Gourmantic – (c) All rights reserved.

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  • Now I’m thirsty for Champagne! Looks like another great event, Ms G. The presentation of knowledge and entertainment at these types of functions is a winning combination.

    Great review and photographs as usual, Ms G!

    • Thanks Chris! It was a pleasure to be at this event and experience Champagne Jayne’s style of edutainment. I agree that sometimes information can be a little dry but not when delivered in her style. Mr G gets the credit for the pics – he’s doing a fine job of late.

  • Oh what a night – I just can’t get that Kool & The Gang song out of my head – thankfully your article didn’t mention me singing off key!! A great birds eye view of a delectable evening full of fun, fizz and fab glamour touches – thanks C

  • GREAT POST & PICS Madame Gourmantic. It was wonderful to share it with you and the Monsieur! I definitely agree, Champagne Jayne certainly has a way of adding a little bit of unique freshness to every event and make it a wonderful experience!!
    captured it beautifully!!

    • Thank you very much Nancy, so glad you liked the write up. And it was a pleasure to see you again at another fabulous event! 🙂

  • This is quite simply a wonderful post! Such a terrific event and you captured it all so well. Jayne sounds like someone I’d like to meet. And the food, the champage, the servers — so tempting.

    • Cathy, you would love Jayne’s company! She is even lovelier in person and you feel as if you’ve known her for a long time. I can see you with us at an event like this one 🙂

    • I *always* enjoy researching my articles… some more than others, of course 😉 And you are getting to know me well, Mr Stone!

  • Oohlala!! I’ve been to this post at least three times and have yet to finish reading all of it. The photos are just too distracting. May I just say, “Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?!!” :-)) Of course, the food and scenery photos are marvelous, as always. THANK YOU for sharing what was certainly a fun night.

    • I’m glad someone else found the photos distracting… I had trouble concentrating on writing the review! And yes, you may 🙂 You’ll find Romeo to be a talented model, just google his name and you’ll see. Thank you for the kind words – so pleased you enjoyed it 🙂

      • Hahaha… thanks girls… was a great night with beautiful food, bubbly, and guests.

        Wonderful site you have here and great write up 😀


        • Hi Romeo and lovely of you to drop by! It was quite a memorable night and I’m sure all the ladies were made to feel special 🙂

          Thank you for the compliment and the kind words. Much appreciated 🙂

  • Champagne Jayne certainly looks like a fun kind of girl! Now, the waiters. Lovely bods…but would I want them serving my champers to me like that? Errrrm, might get over it! 🙂

  • I have to agree with Kathy on this one – these photos are way too distracting! Wow, do these people know how to throw a party or what? So impressive – from the 10-minute make-overs to the red velvet cupcakes, what an event, lucky you!

    • We were certainly lucky to be invited to this event. One of the best nights I’ve had lately. As for the photos, imagine how distracted I was choosing which photos were suitable to publish! 🙂

  • Great photography there from Mr G, especially the “top up” shot. It’s a good thing he was there to make sure you were on your very best behaviour Ms G! 😉

    • I *always* behave, Mr Fuxton… well, it depends on your definition! 😉

      And thank you – quite an artistic shot from Mr G, and so well framed if I may say so!

  • What a beautiful event! Champagne Jayne looks like she can entertain, inform and charm. Great food, drink and what looks like top company. Thanks for this sharing this post!

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