Beta Bar Sydney

When you take the stairs up to Beta Bar above Alpha Restaurant and you find yourself in another world, you’ll be forgiven for staring endlessly at the classic surrounds with contemporary design and gazing in awe at the high ceiling, the raw brickwork and elegant arches.

Beta Bar Sydney
Beta Bar Sydney – Photo Credit: Supplied

The interior designed by DS17’s Paul Papadopoulos fuses the building’s classic structure with contemporary design. Metallic accents, muted tones, monolithic-style candlesticks sculpted from pure Carrara marble and candle-lit marble tables create an elegant and modern space that invites relaxing over a few cocktails and bar food menu.

The vibe is welcoming and sophisticated, whether you’re after a date night, a first date or a catch up with friends. The venue has appeal to a wide spectrum of ages looking for a sleek CBD venue for cocktails and conversations.

Unlike Alpha Restaurant below, the cocktail list is not too Greek influenced. Some drinks are given Greek names, others are interpretations of classic cocktails.

Beta Bar Sydney
Dirty Greek Martini

The Dirty Greek Martini comes in an elegant and solid glassware by Lee Broom with a white Carrara marble base made from a mixture of repurposed crystal decanter stoppers and crystal bowls. Vodka, vermouth and olive brine are served with a skewer of cherry tomato, feta cheese, cucumber and olive. The presentation may leave you in awe and the drink is one well crafted dirty Martin where the feta cheese imparts flavour the longer it stays in the drink.

Beta Bar Sydney

The Lemonita ($21) is a take on the Margarita with Monte Alban Mezcal, lemon and earl grey foam garnished with tea leaves. Take a long sip through the foam and  the smoky flavour of the agave spirit will linger long on the palate while the tannins from the tea complement the drink with an earthy flavour.

Beta Bar Sydney

For something a little sweeter, try the Fotia ($21) made with Eight Botanical gin, rhubarb shrub, rhubarb bitters and vanilla syrup, floral and sweet, with a touch of acidity from the rhubarb shrub.

Beta Bar Sydney
Beta Negroni

The Beta Negroni ($21) is as delicious as it looks. Made with the West Winds Sabre Gin, Punt e Mes and Regal Rogue Red makes it a hint a little more sweet than one made with Campari but all ingredients are in perfect balance.

The food offering at Beta Bar by chef Peter Conistis is more Mediterranean than simply focussed on Greek food. While some menu items may read familiar, others are a treasure to be discovered.

Beta Bar Sydney
Horiatiki Greek Salad Ice

Take the Horiatiki Greek Salad Ice ($12), a “deconstructed” salad with sheep milk feta custard, diced feta, candied olives, diced feta jelly, papara dressing with sautéed breadcrumbs in a vinaigrette and a sorbet that brings all the flavours of a salad together: tomato, cucumber, oregano, olive oil, capsicum and red wine vinaigrette. The result is a dish that leaves you to explore each spoonful with awe at the flavours and textures. Greek salads have never been so good.

Beta Bar Sydney
Twice Cooked Octopus Souvlaki Skewer

The Twice Cooked Octopus Souvlaki Skewer ($15) with Split Pea Dip and Preserved Orange is ever so tender with lovely char flavours. A little squeeze of the orange brightens the dish which is complemented with a creamy chick pea and split pea puree.

Beta Bar Sydney
Spice Roasted Chicken Wings

The Spice Roasted Chicken Wings, Lemon Yoghurt, Figs and Pomegranate ($15) are tender and succulent with a welcome hint of chilli that cuts through some of the sweetness of the figs.

Beta Bar Sydney
Almond Milk Galaktoboureko

When it comes to dessert, the Almond Milk Galaktoboureko, Soumada, Salted Almonds ($8) is a rich, sweet and decadent option with nuttiness from the almonds – one not to be missed if you like sweet and syrupy desserts.

Beta Bar Sydney
Ice Cream Sandwich

Alternatively, for something a little lighter that still hits the sweet after dinner spot, the Ice Cream Sandwich with Mastic, White Chocolate topped by Loukoumi Wafers ($4) is a satisfying choice. The combination of mastic and white chocolate is balanced with the rose syrup and makes a great finale to the meal with a little sip of Mastic Tears Liqueur.

Beta Bar Sydney
Mastic Tears Liqueur

Beta Bar brings a unique experience to the Sydney bar scene and there’s so much to love about the new venue – sophisticated and welcoming, a chilled ambience, soft jazz background music, friendly and attentive service that befits the vibe. The aesthetics may draw you in at first but it’s the experience that will have you telling your friends and coming back.

Beta Bar
Level 1, 238 Castlereagh Street, Sydney (above Alpha Restaurant)
Hours: Wednesday 5-12pm, Thursday 5-12pm, Friday 12pm-12am and Saturday 5pm-12am

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