Glenfiddich X PS40 Experimental Highballs

Coinciding with the launch of Glenfiddich Winter Storm, the third expression from the Glenfiddich Experimental Series, Glenfiddich has collaborated with PS40 bar to create a range of Experimental Highballs.

 Glenfiddich X PS40 Experimental Highballs 

Glenfiddich’s Brand Ambassador, Luke Sanderson, worked closely with Michael Cheim and Thor Bergquist of PS40 to create a limited run of two bespoke sodas, PS Pandan Barley and PS Strawberry Gum Leaf. The unique sodas were specially crafted to pair with Glenfiddich IPA Experiment and Glenfiddich Project XX respectively.

Glenfiddich X PS40 Experimental Highballs

PS Pandan Barley is an updated interpretation of the classic lemon barley soda which fits perfectly with the IPA cask used in the IPA Experiment. The soda is dry with a nutty rich Pandan leaf aftertaste.

PS Strawberry Gum Leaf combines confectionery with spices, the main hero being strawberry gum which is a native herb that is very aromatic and can be likened to guava and passionfruit. It carries a backbone of Szechuan, star anise, cinnamon and mandarin peel and is paired with Glenfiddich Project XX.

Glenfiddich X PS40 Experimental Highballs

One of PS40’s core sodas, PS Smoked Lemonade, is also part of the Experimental Highball series and will be paired with the classic Glenfiddich 12-year-old.

Glenfiddich have partnered with some of Australia’s leading bars that will feature the Experimental Highballs from the 9th of September well into summer. Sydney venues include:

  • Zeta Bar
  • The Argyle
  • Webster’s Bar
  • The Winery
  • New Hampton
  • Hotel Ravesis
  • The Nook Manly
  • The Koutetsu
  • Coal and Cedar
  • Babylon Newcastle
  • The Blind Monk

The Highball menu will be available nationally from September. The bespoke sodas will also be available on tap at PS40.

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