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What’s New in 2019

Today is our first day back after a relaxing 6-week annual break. We’re very excited for the year ahead, particularly that Gourmantic will be celebrating its 10th birthday this June!

What's New in 2019

We’ve had a look from where we started and the changes that have come about over that time on the website. Looking to the future, we are going to introduce some ideas we have had for a while as we look forward to the start of our second decade. Everything evolves and that is equally true here. There have been millions of words written, tens of thousands of photos taken and countless social media posts – and there is so much more still to come.

What’s New in 2019

G10 Logo

First up, we have a new logo for Gourmantic’s 10th year. We’ve also simplified the website’s front page with categories that reflect the evolution of the food and drink scene and the blurring of the lines between restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and food venues. A new category EAT & DRINK OUT (combining Restaurants, Bars, Food) will replace the previous sections. 

Another new category, DRINKS replaces Spirits & Wine and groups champagne, wine, beer, cider and other non-distilled liquor. EVENTS that are of interest to our readers, be it food-related or drink pairings with food will continue. The same applies to TRAVEL and NEWS items of interest that include food and drink industry awards.

What’s Changing in 2019

So, what does this mean? Gourmantic will continue to bring you the latest on the Sydney dining scene, be it restaurants, wine bars, pubs, cafes and food venues; craft beer bars and wine bars; alcoholic beverages mainly wine, champagne, beer and cider; news such as industry food and wine awards; travel as well as food and drink events including food and spirit pairings. 

From 2019 onwards, cocktail bars and new articles that would have been under the SPIRITS section on Gourmantic will now be featured on Cocktails & Bars. Unlike Gourmantic which is Sydney-centric, Cocktails & Bars’ content and readership span across Australia and all around the world. It also hosts an International Bars Directory which lists key cocktail culture cities around the world and their best cocktail bars as well as a state by state Australian Distillery Directory. As such, it makes perfect sense to have everything under the same roof. We will continue to share that content on Gourmantic’s Facebook so you will not be missing out.

Looking Ahead

There have been so many new venue openings, events, food and drinks that we have been able to share to up this point in time and these refinements will bring a sharper focus to each of those areas. Planning is already underway for Gourmantic’s 10th birthday this June and we can’t wait to celebrate the milestone with you!

About the author

Corinne Mossati

Corinne Mossati is a drinks writer, author of GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN, SHRUBS & BOTANICAL SODAS and founder/editor of Gourmantic, Cocktails & Bars and The Gourmantic Garden. She has been writing extensively about spirits, cocktails, bars and cocktail gardening in more recent years. She is a spirits and cocktail competition judge, Icons of Whisky Australia nominee, contributor to Diageo Bar Academy, cocktail developer and is named in Australian Bartender Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential List. Her cocktail garden was featured on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and has won several awards. She is a contributor to Real World Gardener radio program and is featured in several publications including Pip Magazine, Organic Gardener, Australian Bartender and Breathe (UK). Read the full bio here.