Mister Pocket Releases Meat Free Menu

After a brief hiatus, Mister Pocket (previously known as Pocket Bar) in Darlinghurst is back with a new name, new look, new cocktails and a meat free bar menu.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

Why the change? Simply put, Pocket Bar, which was part of the emerging Sydney small bar scene when it opened in 2009 has grown up. Mister Pocket is in tune with the current trend of conscious eating and has decided to go completely meat-free. It’s not vegan as they’ve kept cheese and butter but promoting a diet with less meat is a first step.

The food menu at Mister Pocket states that “All meat products in this menu have been substituted with plant based alternatives”. You may miss it as it’s written in small print at the bottom of the list and the ingredients are referred to by their proper names. The executive chef has sourced plant-based and soy-based proteins to recreate popular dishes with a meat-free alternative.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

‘Duck’ Pancakes

Take the Duck Pancakes ($ 13), a trio of freshly rolled traditional style Peking ‘duck’ pancakes. You may be tempted to see what’s inside so we’ve unwrapped it for you.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

‘Duck’ Pancakes Deconstructed

It looks like duck pancakes, has the flavour and texture of duck but don’t expect the gamey flavour. Is it tasty? By all means. The sauce contributes to the flavour that we all know wrapped up nicely with the usual condiments.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

‘Prawn’ Tacos

Perhaps tacos are your thing. There’s a choice of Chipotle ‘Chicken, Pulled ‘Pork’ and ‘Prawn’ Tacos served with soft tortillas with avo and mojo verde. Again, the texture and spices are at play here, offering a plant-based alternative to the crustacean version.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

Corn ‘Ribs’

If you’d like to sink your teeth into ribs, the Grilled Corn ‘Ribs’ ($9) are cut to shape, coated in hot sauce and dusted with grated halloumi cheese. They’re fun to eat and the sauce packs a good measure of heat.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

Fried ‘Chicken’ Burger 

The most popular item on the food menu so far has been the Fried ‘Chicken’ Burger ($18). Generous pieces of Southern style fried ‘chicken’ are built on a charred soft, milk bun with mayo, iceberg and tomato.

Mr Pocket Darlinghurst


Add a serving of traditional French Fries dusted in smoked salt and served with ranch and your stomach is primed to enjoy the cocktails.

The cocktail menu at Mister Pocket follows the production of alcohol from start to finish (Harvest, Fermented, Distilled, Aged) as well as offering healthier options. Furthermore, a quarter of the drinks can be made as non-alcoholic options.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst


Our picks from the bookends of the cocktail menu is Amarillo from the Harvest list, an earthy, smokey sour style of drink with tequila, mezcal, yellow capsicum, citrus juice and chipotle.

Mister Pocket Darlinghurst

Carrot Top Treacle

From the Aged list, the Carrot Top Treacle is all about earthy and nutty flavours from a combination of carrot leaf bourbon, pecan, carrot juice. Alternatively, the Concrete Negroni adds an unusual element of minerality to the bitter and sweet classic.

For a detailed article on Mister Pocket cocktails, click here.

Mister Pocket
13 Burton St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Hours: Sun-Thurs 4pm – 12am; Fri & Sat 4pm – 1am

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