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Akiba, Canberra

Walking into Akiba is akin to walking down the electric avenues of Akihabara in Tokyo. Here you are being served up Japanese izakaya with a twist and a whole lot of fun amongst the neon signs.

Akiba, CanberraAkiba

A sizeable menu of share plates move from bar snacks through to larger offerings with the Josper charcoal oven delivering gentle smoke flavours to dishes and is a focus of the menu. Pair this with inventive cocktails, sakes and a compact wine list, added to the vibe as soon as you walk in, let you know that this is going to be a fun experience.

Akiba, CanberraAkiba Pops

Akiba Pops ($7) are house made soft drinks designed on opening by former Executive Bartender Lee Potter Cavanagh, the Australian Bartender of the Year for 2015. If looking for an extra kick you can add a spirit to make it, as the menu says, BOOM. Rum with the pineapple, coconut and chilli, bourbon for the strawberry and mint and cognac for the sour cherry all make up refreshing drinks.

The creativity flows through the cocktail list offering a selection from Eye-Openers to start the evening, through to Socialisers and Fancies that show the inventiveness of the bar.

Akiba, CanberraMezcalero

The Mezcalero ($16) will please lovers of Mezcal with its combination with Cointreau, ginger and lemon to deliver a smoky drink with a kick of ginger.

Akiba, CanberraJalapeno Tommy’s Margarita

The Jalapeño Tommy’s Margarita ($14) serves up all that one likes in a Tommy’s and finishes with heat from the jalapeño that you can just keep savouring.


Akiba, CanberraMcash Tokubetsu Oysters with Ume Mignonette

Mcash Tokubetsu Oysters with Ume Mignonette ($10 for 4 pieces) are fresh from the Clyde River with the Ume adding a touch of sweetness from the plum wine.

Akiba, CanberraMcash Tokubetsu Oysters with Black Vinegar and Ginger Wine

Mcash Tokubetsu Oysters with Black Vinegar and Ginger Wine ($10 for 4 pieces) delivers a wondrous balance of sweet and umami.

Akiba, CanberraShitake and Water Chestnut Dumplings

The Shitake and Water Chestnut Dumplings ($10 for 4 pieces) highlight the earthy flavours of both mushroom and chestnut in this fine skinned hot, spicy parcel with a good burst of lip tingling chilli.

Akiba, CanberraKimchi and Angasi Pancake with Kewpie Mayo, Srirachi and Itogaki

The Kimchi and Angasi Pancake with Kewpie Mayo, Srirachi and Itogaki ($8 for 2 pieces) uses the beautiful and tender native Angasi oysters with heat delivered from the kimchi and srirachi. This smoky pancake is a must.

Akiba, CanberraTuna Tartare with Ginger Ponzu, Jalepeño Mayo and Nori Salt

The Tuna Tartare with Ginger Ponzu, Jalepeño Mayo and Nori Salt ($16) is fresh with a balance between the ginger ponzu and the heat from the jalepeño mayo served with house made prawn crackers.

Akiba, CanberraJosper Octopus with Bacon Fat Potato and Charred Onion

This generous dish of Josper Octopus with Bacon Fat Potato and Charred Onion ($17) is bursting with charcoal flavours.

Akiba, Canberra

The evening does not end when the curtain comes down on the kitchen as Akiba becomes a social club with DJs playing and the bar serving up great drinks.

Diners take up the buzz at Akiba that flows from the kitchen and bartenders working at a frantic and controlled pace. The food is full of flavour and great value, the cocktails inventive and all delivered with service that is quick and friendly. For all the uncertainty in the nations capital, one thing is for sure. You will be back to Akiba.

40 Bunda St
Canberra ACT 2601

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