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Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane

Located in Brisbane’s West End, Tukka Restaurant brings a unique experience to the dining scene with a menu focusing on native Australian ingredients.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane

Think native meats of emu, kangaroo and crocodile prepared by Executive Chef Bryant Wells with Australian native spices, herbs and berries, and you are going on a taste journey sourced from around the country including some grown in Tukka’s own gardens.

Below is the five course Discovery dégustation ($75).

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Amuse Bouche

The Amuse Bouche of tender red fillets with Tasmanian Pepperberry delivers a burst of spice and set the tone for what is to come.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Native Plate

The Native Plate is Tukka’s signature selection of native game meats, fruits, nuts, berries and spices. A cornucopia of flavours awaits with meats that include Wattleseed Crocodile, Lemon Myrtle Emu that is rich, tender and full of flavour as well as both Fennel Seed Kangaroo and Coriander Kangaroo. On the plate, there are lightly glacéd Quandongs, Lilly Pillys, Dessert Limes and Muntries, a native cranberry, as well as a salad combining Lilly Pilly, Macadamia and Bunya nut.  Presented on a piece of native wood, this dish truly brings the diverse native flavours of Australia together and is a must have if you’re ordering a la carte.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Native Flavoured Damper, Lemon Myrtle Dukkah and Olive Oil

Accompanying the Native Plate is house-made Native flavoured damper, lemon myrtle dukkah and olive oil. The damper is soft and warm with the fragrant lemon myrtle dukkah giving a citrus kick.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Strawberry Gum Cured Crocodile Ceviche served with finger lime dressing, watermelon, micro basil and freeze dried mandarin

The Strawberry gum cured crocodile ceviche served with finger lime dressing, watermelon, micro basil and freeze dried mandarin  delivers a balanced combination of sweet, sour and salty. The sweet and sticky mandarin adds texture and works well with the sourness of the finger lime and the saltiness of the crocodile meat. This is a novel way to serve ceviche which highlights the flavour of the crocodile meat.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Palate Cleanser

The Palate Cleanser of Rosella and Lemon Sorbet readies and resets the palate for the dishes to come. The rosella has a strawberry-like flavour but is more tart to taste.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Seared Kangaroo Fillet, roasted pumpkin puree, charred zucchini, samphire and a balsamic jus

The final savoury course brought together perfectly cooked Seared Kangaroo Fillet with roasted pumpkin puree, charred zucchini, samphire and a balsamic jus. The roasted pumpkin puree and the charred zucchini bring hints of smoke while the samphire delivers salty sea flavours.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Single Cheese Plate

The last course is either a cheese course or a dessert. There is a choice from a selection of Cloth bound cheddar, truffled pecorino and Asago as a Single Cheese Plate served with a Davidson Plum and dehydrated mandarin or…

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane
Honey Pannacotta

a dessert plate, which in this instance was a soft and delicate Honey Pannacotta.

The Discovery Degustation menu lives up to its name, introducing you to native flavours not often found in restaurants around the country. You can also choose an eight course dégustation with the option of matching wines or beers.

Dining at Tukka Restaurant is an experience not to be missed in Brisbane. The dishes are beautifully presented and the flavours and textures work in harmony to deliver a unique dining experience. The native produce is treated with respect and for the uninitiated, Tukka provides an opportunity to discover a wonderful new world of flavours that will definitely draw them back.

Gourmantic travelled to Brisbane and dined at Tukka Restaurant as guests on Brisbane Marketing.

145b Boundary St
West End, Brisbane, QLD 4101

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