The Gantry Restaurant & Bar, Pier One Sydney Harbour

The Gantry Restaurant & Bar is opening mid-December at Pier One Sydney Harbour hotel with Executive Chef Chris Irving at the helm. Chris comes from a diverse background having plied his trade across the globe, working with Gordon Ramsey, with running his own successful restaurant, cooking for royalty and celebrity as well as being executive chef an a luxury yacht.

The Gantry Restaurant & Bar, Pier One

With the high quality of local produce and seafood being without question, Chris states, “I thrive on cooking beautiful, uncomplicated, approachable food, and aspire to making rustic tradition relevant to contemporary life.”

The restaurant, with both indoor and outdoor seating, and bar has dipped its hat to the history of the wharf in materials used with a modern contemporary design.

The Gantry Restaurant & Bar

Pier One Sydney Harbour
11 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay NSW 2000

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