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The Stunned Mullet: Best Fish and Chips at Henley Beach, Adelaide

Tucked away down a side street, a very small walk away from Henley Beach in Adelaide’s western suburbs sits a neat, unassuming little fish and chip shop. The Stunned Mullet, sharing its name with a popular Australian expression for describing a state of confusion or bewilderment, hides discreetly behind a red and white blind, while still retaining a certain panache. Typical décor awaits inside, with a giant glass counter and friendly staff eager to help, but on the window sits a little sign that reads:

Winner: Best Fish and Chips – South Australia Seafood Industry Award

Up on the menu board inside, another sign proudly touts “Our seafood is of the highest quality and sourced daily”. So, there’s no doubting the freshness of the produce. The selections on offer vary from a fairly basic Seafood Dish for One, which contains one grenadier, four calamari rings, two prawns, some chips, lemon wedges and some delectable tartare sauce (which is what I selected, at A$12.90) right up to more fancy efforts like garlic prawns or Atlantic Salmon.

The Stunned Mullet Adelaide
Seafood Dish for One

The staff also have a concept of what a “little salt” means, in that they lightly sprinkle enough salt to complement the flavour of the potato rather than lashing it heavily in order to dominate the taste.

Being so close to Henley Beach on a hot day necessitates eating within sight of the lengthy white sands that stretch out to the horizon, and it’s here where I take stock of the dinner for one I’ve ordered. The seafood looks golden and crispy as it nests inside the box and white paper. The chips rest underneath, cut in a thicker style.

Upon tasting “Adelaide’s Best Fish and Chips” I quickly sense what the accolades and various news stories that were glued to the front window were touting. The grenadier is flavoursome with the batter there for texture rather than adding another strong flavour. The calamari rings are easily devoured and the chips are crispy without crunch, but thick with potato taste without being soggy and undercooked. It’s a fine balance that the Stunned Mullet strides along confidently.

The Seafood Dish for One I’ve ordered proves to be difficult for me to conquer; it’s a generous helping. The view of the beach at sunset as I pick away at this typical Australian staple in effect sums up an idyllic summer afternoon in my hometown.

A simple, relaxed meal, done well, on a quiet stretch near one of Adelaide’s best beaches.

The Stunned Mullet Adelaide
Henley Beach, Adelaide

The Stunned Mullet
8 East Terrace
Henley Beach SA 5022

The Stunned Mullet AdelaideThe Stunned Mullet Adelaide

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