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Sake and Food Pairing with Kontatsu & Bar H

Kontatsu (Australia) hosted a sake pairing lunch at Bar H in Surry Hills to showcase their portfolio to key members of trade and media.

Kontatsu Sake

Kontatsu Sake (L-R as presented below)

Kontatsu has long been established in Japan as sake wholesaler with over 90 years in the business. In 2008, Kontatsu (Australia) was established bringing their experience and relationship with over 100 sake breweries in Japan.

Kontatsu Sake & Bar H
Koharu, Tokubetsu Junmai Cocktail

Seven different style of sake were showcased starting with a cocktail made with Koharu, Tokubetsu Junmai, with a soft and fruity flavour.

Kontatsu Sake & Bar H
Crisp Saltbush, Chilli 

Lunch began with Crisp Saltbush, served tempura style with a chilli dusting paired with Kuroushi Junmai (16.6% ABV), a sake with soft aromas, light and smooth on the palate with a short after taste. The saltiness of the dish enhanced the sweeter notes of the sake.

Kontatsu Sake & Bar H
Hiramssa Kingfish Sashimi

Next was Hiramssa Kingfish Sashimi, Yuzu, Nori paired with Garyubai Muroka Junmai Ginjo (16.5% ABV), a dry and fruity sake with pronounced aromas and a light to medium body. The saltiness of the nori brought out the flavour of sake with medium length on the finish.

Kontatsu Sake & Bar H
Teriyaki Chicken Terrine, Fennel, Foie Gras

Moving into Dai-Ginjo category with Taiheizan Tenko, Junmai Dai-Ginjo (16.5% ABV), the big, bold and earthy flavours paired well with the richness of Teriyaki Chicken Terrine, Fennel, Foie Gras. The sake’s savoury notes cut through the richness of the dish.

Kontatsu Sake & Bar H
Barramundi, Miso, Lime, White Radish

Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai (16.1% ABV) has a characteristic tangy and sharp flavour and a hint of citrus which paired well with the superbly prepared North Queensland Barramundi with Miso, Lime and White Radish.

Kontatsu Sake & Bar H
Wagyu Rump Cap, Parsnip Chips, Kathleen Karachi Mustard

Kikumasamune, Tarusake Junmai (16.6% ABV) has a dominant cedar character from the casks in which it is kept. Mushroom and earthy aromas lead to a robust palate which was complemented by the charred Wagyu Rump Cap with Parsnip Chips and Karachi Mustard.

Kontatsu Sake & Bar H
Yatakarasu, Unshu Mikan Liqueur

Lunch concluded with Yatakarasu, Unshu Mikan Liqueur (9% ABV), a sweet orange-flavoured spirit with 43% orange juice served on the rocks.

The lunch highlighted the versatility of sake by pairing the different styles with creative dishes that go beyond the usual sushi and sashimi.

The Kontatsu sake lunch was held at Bar H in Surry Hills on Monday 24 October 2016.

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