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Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong

The Canteen at Little Creatures Brewery, Geelong brings together food, beer and some eclectic entertainment.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
The Laneway

Walk in through the laneway and you will see people enjoying the outside air al fresco style. Take a turn and step into the bustling world of the Canteen. No need to book as they don’t take them, just walk in. The menu of share plates features produce sourced from the local area as much as possible living up to its community ethos.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong

The Canteen is bold and colourful, an embodiment of the style of the beer from Little Creatures. With tables made from recycled timbers from the pallets that bottles were transported on, rustic booths and industrial lights plus the kitchen being set inside shipping containers you soon know that things do not go to waste here. This is a big and family-friendly space with local artists having a place to display their art on the back walls. There is even wandering entertainment at the end of the week.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
The Bar

Also made from a shipping container that brought out brewery tanks and equipment, the bar has the full range of beers from both the Little Creatures Brewery and the White Rabbit Brewery plus seasonal beers.  The concise wine list features mainly local wines from Geelong and Victoria and the organic fresh juices are locally fresh juices are locally produced.

During Great Beer Week this year, there will be the Family Tap Takeover, where brewers who worked at Little Creatures before will bring their taps. So look out for the likes of Two Birds, Pirate Life and Garage Project to name a few.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
Frites, Aioli

The generous serve and popular Frites with Aioli ($9) are hand cut chips that are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside served with a creamy aioli. These are very moreish but do not fill up too much on these as there is plenty on the menu.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
Chilli Tomato Mussels

Juicy Port Arlington mussels are in this dish of Chilli Tomato Mussels ($18). The mussels are full of flavour and you can select the level of heat that you like. There is crispy bread to dunk and soak up those juices. For a beer match, try the Furphy which pairs well.

As an aside and continuing with the environmentally friendly approach at Little Creatures,  the Mussel Project started in 2015 where the used shells of these locally sourced mussels are collected, cleaned, dried and then crushed and are then reintroduced back to the bay to be used as reef fill.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
Pizza Oven

The wood-fired pizza oven does a brisk business with selections including the likes of rosemary garlic and sea salt to salmon, cherry tomato and mozzarella to the popular meatballs, tomato, pesto and mozzarella.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
Spiced Lamb, Zucchini, Goats Cheese

One pizza that is hard to go past is the Spiced Lamb, Zucchini and Goats Cheese ($23). The spiced lamb with cumin is really an explosion of flavour that is complemented well with the goats cheese, mint and zucchini on a base that is thin and chewy with a crispy crust.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
Lamb Ribs, BBQ Sauce

These Lamb Ribs with BBQ Sauce ($18) with sweet rich meat that just falls of the bone and melts in mouth will have you coming back for more. Wonderful flavours, great texture and very good value.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
Kangaroo Skewers, Tomato Chutney

The Kangaroo Skewers with Tomato Chutney ($20) have a subtle game flavour with the meat tender and juicy and a hint of chilli. There is also a bit of char flavour happening with these tasty skewers atop a bed of tomato chutney.

Little Creatures Canteen, Geelong
Little Creatures Canteen

The vibe at the Little Creatures Canteen at night is relaxed and friendly with groups of families, friends and people of all ages catching up over a meal and an ale.  Add to this dishes that are generously portioned, well priced and a friendly team taking care of you, you know you are in for a good night.

Gourmantic travelled to Geelong and dined at Little Creatures Canteen as guests of White Rabbit Brewery.

Little Creatures Canteen
Corner of Swanston St & Fyans St in Geelong, Victoria
Monday to Tuesday 10 am – 5pm; Wednesday to Friday 10 am – 10pm; Saturday and Sunday 8am – 10pm

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