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Hopscotch, Canberra

Hopscotch is a bar in Braddon that has an ever growing whisky collection located just a few minutes out of the centre of Canberra.

Hopscotch, Canberra

The name combines the love of two drinks. Beer, that is hops and whisky, Scotch. Opening as a gastropub, the venue serves food from the Argentine Grill with good a range craft beers, and a whisky selection that continues to grow with staff and customer recommendations.

The whisky selection encompasses both old and new world distilleries which runs over an impressive four pages in the menu. The bar team are well versed and able to guide you through to favorites and new discoveries.

Hopscotch, Canberra

With an equal amount of seating both inside and in the garden, Hopscotch makes for a relaxed place to sample the range of craft beers, cocktails and whiskies. (See our bar review of Hopscotch here)

Hopscotch, Canberra

Poptails ($15) are alcoholic popsicles that are served in a glass of Moscato. These are refreshing and cooling with the temperature on the rise as well as being a new way to enjoy some favourites. With a refreshing Hendrick’s Gin and Fever-tree tonic or  Bacardi rum fruit punch with mango liqueur in the afternoon sun, what could be better.

Hopscotch, Canberra
Glenlivet Let Die

The Glenlivet Let Die ($20) with The Glenlivet, butterscotch schnapps, apple juice and lemon juice, lime and sugar is a well balanced drink with the whisky on show and a hint of sweetness on the finish.

Hopscotch, Canberra

The Godmother ($19) with bourbon, amaretto, lemon lime and cherry juice is served with a flaming Chartreuse lime garnish. The drink delivers with the bourbon balanced with the sweetness from the amaretto.

Hopscotch, Canberra
Argentine wood-fired grill

Hopscotch cooks a whole range of meats on its Argentine wood-fired grill which was brought in from Northern California. Using a mixture of iron bark and red gum, light smoke flavours come into play. Think Argentine Slow Cooked Brisket with green chimichurri sweet sherry glazed mushrooms, Twice Cooked BBQ Pork Belly with sticky house made barbecue jus and Argentine Grilled Spatchcock with mango and coriander salsa.

Hopscotch, Canberra
Burnt Brisket Ends

Burnt Brisket Ends ($16), a smokey beef brisket with jalapeño corn waffle is a dish you would likely order for yourself. The brisket is smoky sweet while melting in the mouth with the corn bread packing heat from the jalapeño.

Hopscotch, Canberra
Mediterranean Lamb Back Strap

The Mediterranean Lamb Back Strap ($30) with chargrilled vegetables, Persian feta, basil pesto and  lemon yoghurt is tender and rare with a beautiful smoke flavour from the Argentine oven. The pesto and yoghurt give a tangy backdrop to the dish.

Hopscotch, CanberraCorn Hush Puppies

Corn Hush Puppies ($14) are tasty bites of corn, potato and paprika served with a coriander mojo. These puppies pack a bit of heat that is balanced well with the coriander sauce and are decidedly moreish.

Popscotch is a recent addition in the beer garden that is serving beer, mixed drinks and Poptails, with a spit roast on Sundays.

Hopscotch is relaxed and a great place to catch up with friends. There are the craft beers, there are all those whiskies to discover, great cocktails and the wonderful tasty food from the Argentine grill. Be it opposite the bar and grill, enjoying the afternoon sun or the evening stars in the garden, Hopscotch will deliver good times.

5 Lonsdale St
Braddon ACT 2612

Gourmantic travelled to Canberra as guests of VisitCanberra.

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