Giovanni’s Table, Voyager of the Seas

At Giovanni’s Table on board Royal Caribbean’s new Voyager of the Seas, “buona sera” greetings float across the dining room. The Italian restaurant is an inviting addition to the cruise liner that has under an $80 million dollar refurbishment and refit.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Giovanni’s Table, Voyager of the Seas

Dark timber tones and deep mustard accents easily forget you’re on board a cruise ship were it not for the soft vibration below your feet and the gentle swaying of the vessel.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas

Giovanni’s Table is a speciality dining restaurant set in intimate surrounds on level 4 of Voyager of the Seas.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Intimate Dining

Tonight, the food is served Italian family style with plates to be shared among “the family”, or in our case, a couple.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Parmesan

Service starts with warm bread, studded with olive and garlic, dipped into a mixture of olive oil, balsamic glaze and Parmesan cheese assembled and shaved at the table.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Insalata Caprese

Insalata Caprese follows, a simple yet fresh salad of vine ripened tomatoes, chunks of bocconcini mozzarella and capers in a light olive oil.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Focaccia della Casa

The Focaccia della Casa with potatoes and herbs is a little underwhelming in flavour and seasoning with a doughy bread base. It comes comes with a trio of pesto, olives and marinated artichokes.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Capesane al Forno

A single Capesane al Forno is served, an oven-baked scallop with almond and herb crust, a combination that gives the bivalve texture rather than flavour.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Ravioli de Polpa de Granchio

A generous plate of moreish Ravioli de Polpa de Granchio is next. Eight pieces of ravioli are filled with Maryland crab, sweet corn and crab meat in a creamy sauce.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Risotto al Funghi Trifolati

Served al dente,Risotto al Funghi Trifolati is well-seasoned and full of flavour with forest mushrooms, porcini and truffle mushroom tapenade.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Filetto di Pollo

Three main courses follow. Filetto di Pollo brings prosciutto-wrapped chicken breasts filled with ricotta and mushrooms with a chardonnay sage reduction. The dish shares a plate with sliced zucchini.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Gamberoni al Forno

Gamberoni al Forno consist of butterflied prawns in their shell baked with garlic and panko crumb mixture served on a bed of zucchini, asparagus and potatoes.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Fagottini di Vitello

And lastly, Fagottini di Vitello are parcels of veal tenderloin stuffed with mushrooms, provolone cheese and ham with sautéed asparagus, in a black truffle sauce and veal jus.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Dessert Cart

Choosing from the dessert selection is no easy feat when it is served at the table from a cart. It’s well worth saving room for the creamy tiramisu, cannoli, zuppa inglese and torta di cioccolata.

Giovanni's Table, Voyager of the Seas
Zuppa Inglese

Giovanni’s Table offers intimate dining away from the masses. The vibe is welcoming and relaxed, channeling a  Tuscan style trattoria with dishes served family style. The menu is extensive and has broad appeal with classic Italian dishes that are crowd pleasers.

The price is US$15 per person for lunch and US$20 per person for dinner with reservations required.

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Gourmantic experienced Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas as media guests.

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