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Fino Par Review, Sydney

Sydney, get ready to tantalise your taste buds at the newest Spanish-inspired venue. Since we went behind the scenes last month, Fino Par has opened its doors and is serving sexy and delicious tapas with some of the finest sherry and cocktails.

Fino Par, Sydney
Fino Par

The name, Fino Par, reflects the relationship between the food and the drink, and the harmonious pairings by Chef Nelson Burgos (ex Foley Lane) and Manager Brett Harris (ex Hello Sailor) impress and bring you back for more.

Fino Par, Sydney
Fino Par Interior

Fino Par has an edgy feel to it with a large bright mural at the back of the venue, an inviting central bar and music that transports you to parts of Spain you yearn to revisit.

Fino Par, Sydney

Perch yourself at the bar with tall bar stools admiring the rows of wines, the shelves of enticing spirits, the barrel of Oak-Aged Sangria,

Fino Par, Sydney
Central Bar

and the array of montaditos, the little mounds of food on bread which is served from the bar.

Fino Par, Sydney
Barrel-Aged Sangria

Start with a glass of Sangria ($8) or even a ($30 jug) as you perch on the bar with tall bar stools. Sangria can often be anything from a watered down drink to a sweet and fruity mix. Here, it is barrel-aged and charged with ginger beer. Spicy, oaky with a medium body, it strikes the right balance between dry and fruity with a good measure of spice from cinnamon and cloves. Sessionable and delicious, you could easily drink it with any of the food items but you would miss out on the seamless pairing of food and drink.

The cocktail list is divided into sherry focused drinks, a touch of sherry and no sherry but you can let the bar team guide you.

Fino Par, Sydney
Analgésico with Crispy Pigs Ears

The Analegésico cocktail is a take on the Painkiller with Bundaberg rum fat-washed with coconut oil, fresh pineapple and Coco Lopez. It’s fruity and light to start with and makes for easy sipping while you nibble on salted porky goodness, otherwise known as Crispy Pigs Ears ($12) dipped in lime and caper aioli.

Fino Par, Sydney
Grilled Chorizon Montadito with Oaxacan Calling

Oaxacan Calling ($17) is a twist on the London Calling cocktail made with Joven Mezcal, Fino sherry, freshly pressed lemon, sugar syrup and teapot bitters. Don’t be afraid of Mezcal. There is no worm and it won’t make you hallucinate. This cocktail is a new favourite, light, perfectly balanced with a hit of smoke and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The drink is paired with Grilled Chorizon Montadito ($4.50 each) with black garlic, chilli salsa and tomato. The pairing of the smoky cocktail with the spicy chorizo is a match made in heaven.

Fino Par, Sydney
Bamboo with Mohama Montadito

Bamboo ($16) combines dry vermouth with Fino sherry, orange bitters and Angostura bitters. Dry with savoury notes, the drink is well-matched with the savoury Mohama Montadito ($4.50 each), cured tuna loin with pickled onion and almond skordalia.

Fino Par, Sydney
Not Garden Variety Cocktail

Not Garden Variety ($17) is based on the Gimlet and takes celery infused gin, mixes it with green Chartreuse, Luxardo, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, yellow celery leaves and celery shrub bitters.

Fino Par, Sydney
Asparagus Tartare

Refreshing and savoury, the herbal notes of the cocktail go hand in hand with the vegetal notes of the Asparagus Tartare ($14) seasoned with black garlic, cornichons and topped with a quail egg. Simply delicious.

Fino Par, Sydney
Sliced Meats Board with Manzanilla Sherry

Cured meats are a must at a sherry-focused bar and the Sliced Meats Board ($25) is paired with “I Think” Manzanilla, a crisp and dry sherry. Start with delicate flavour of the Bresaola air-dried wagyu beef and move onto the mild Longaniza roja salami, the nutty Jamón Iberico and finish with the irresistible and spicy Morcon salami accompanied with cornichons and bread.

Fino Par, Sydney
Fino Martini with Octopus Carpaccio  

The Fino Martini ($17) is set to woo fans of dry Martinis. This favourite is made with gin, Fino sherry in lieu of vermouth and a lemon twist. The flavour is dry and sherry-driven and makes a fine Martini indeed. The cocktail is paired with the sensational Octopus Carpaccio ($17) seasoned with paprika and olive oil. The combination of the dry martini with sherry notes and the spiciness of the wafer-thin octopus work very well together.

Fino Par, Sydney
Scorched Bug Tail with French 75

Served on a colourful tile, the Scorched Bug Tail ($31) smells and tastes of the sea. Simply seasoned with lemon, herbs and garlic, the Balmain bug meat has a delicious chargrilled flavour, a hint of smoke with a seaweed component. It is paired with a refreshing citrusy palate cleanser, the French 75 cocktail.

Fino Par, Sydney
Fino Dino with Chocolate and Cardamon Tart

To finish, Fino Dino is a tasty twist on the Boulevardier made with Talisker Storm whisky, sweet Dolin vermouth, oak aged Punt e Mes and chocolate bitters. The flavour strikes the right balance from the smoky and salty Talisker to the sweetness from the vermouth and bitterness of the chocolate bitters. The drink is paired with a Chocolate and Cardamon Tart ($12.5) which is not overly sweet and delivers with a satisfying dose of chocolate.

Fino Par, Sydney
L-R: Brett Harris (Manager), Georgia, Andy, Dean

Whether it’s a couple of drinks with friends over some tasty montaditos or delicious share plates paired with cocktails, Fino Par brings the word “tapas” back to its roots. And does it with flair.

A fine pair indeed.

Photography © by Gourmantic – Copyright: All rights reserved.

Fino Par
Cnr Elizabeth & Goulburn Street
Sydney 2000
Open 7 days

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