Exclusive Vines & Pizzini Wines at Taste of Sydney 2013

Exclusive Vines

Exclusive Vines are importers of wines from Argentina and at Taste of Sydney, they showcased a range of their wines including the highly coveted Vistalba Corte B.

Exclusive Vines
Michelle and Dave, from Exclusive Vines

Del Fin del Mundo is a sparkling wine with smooth bubbles from Patagonia, made in the traditional method with a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Tomero Torrontes 2011 is made from the Torrontes grape which isnative to Argentinta. Grown in high altitude, the wine has a sweet aroma like a muscat but with a dry finish. A good wine to enjoy with spicy food. Tomero Malbec Rosé 2012 gets its dark colour from the Malbec grape. A rich rosé wine with sweetness at the start and a dry finish makes it a sipping choice for those who like a bit more body in a rosé wine.

Exclusive Vines
Argentinian wines

Serbal Malbec 2011 is made from 100% Malbec with no time in oak. This wine is very smooth, easy drinking Malbec that is all about the ripe fruit. In contrast, Tomero Malbec 2011 comes from a vineyard 25 kms away from Serbal Malbec. A richer wine with full fruit, it has spent 8 month in French oak which gives it more complexity and vanilla notes.

The outstanding wine of the range is the Vistalba Corte B 2009 which comes from the Vistalba region, an area with a micro climate within Mendoza. This wine has spent the first and second years in French oak which gives it a rich vanilla, chocolaty flavour with smooth tannins. This is an exceptional wine with which to impress someone on special occasion.

Pizzini Wines

Over at Pizzini Wines, Carlo Pizzini and the team presented with a sizeable portfolio of their wines.

Carlo Pizzini

Pizzini Prosecco 2012 is made in the Charmat style with low sugar content to keep it dry. The Pinot Grigio 2012 is dry with a crisp acidity, to keep it in Italian styleThe 2012 Arneis 2012 is fruity and floral, aromatic and a light and crisp wine. Verduzzo 2012 is a variety from Friuli, a full bodied style, small percentage of oak which adds complexity. This is a food wine that goes well with hot and spicy food.

Rosé Rosetta 2012 is made from a 100% Sangiovese, fruit-driven which gives it a little sweetness although it’s a dry style of wine. easy drinking, Great for hot summer days with more fruit than sweetness.

Sangiovese Shiraz 2011 is a 60/40 blend, an unoaked table wine that goes well with pasta. Sangiovese 2011 was a challenging vintage as it was a lot wetter at end of season but makes a good red wine to enjoy with food.

Pizzini Wines

Nebbiolo 2009 is a robust red, rich in flavour with a little tannins. A food wine that goes well with a ragout or a hearty pasta.

A relative newcomer, Brachetto 2012 is made from the 100% Brachetto and is a red version of moscato. Light fizz, sweetness but finishes a little dry, the 5.5% low alcohol wine goes well with panna cotta,  fruit desserts such as tarts with berries.

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