Cocktails at Long Chim Sydney

Recently opened Long Chim Sydney recognises the growing knowledge and sophistication of the diner not just in food but in cocktails that complement and contribute to the dining experience.

Long Chim Sydney
Long Chim Sydney

The cocktail list at Long Chim Sydney was developed by Long Chim Perth Bar Manager James Connolly along with Long Chim Sydney’s Bar Manager, Keegan Hartslief. The drinks combine elements of Thai cuisine and culture, taking cues from the kitchen and the bold, big flavours that define the Long Chim experience. Read what goes into the making of a cocktail at Long Chim with James Connolly in our article here.

Cocktails Long Chim Sydney
Bangkok Painkiller

Adapted from Long Chim Singapore, the Bangkok Painkiller ($20) combines Sailor Jerry Spiced rum, cream of coconut made daily from fresh coconuts, mandarin sherbet, a splash of lime juice, pineapple juice, and a dash of saline. Fruity, tropical and refreshing, the mandarin notes stand out along with the creamy mouthfeel of the fresh coconut cream.

Tropic Thunder

The Tropic Thunder ($20) is a Tiki style drink with a beautiful balance of sweet and fruity flavours along with tropical notes. From Long Chim Perth, the cocktail was created by Dean Buchanan and combines Bacardi Carta Blanca with the spicy Bacardi Fuego, Monin passion fruit purée, fresh pineapple juice, lime juice, yellow chartreuse, bitters and Crawleys burnt orange and vanilla syrup. The drink is shaken, garnished with a dehydrated pineapple jerky and shaved nutmeg for aroma.

Cocktails Long Chim Sydney
Thai Basil Smash

If you like a cocktail with bold savoury notes, the Thai Basil Smash ($19) is not to be missed. Adapted from Jörg Meyer’s Gin Basil Smash, the drink has the pepperiness of muddled Thai basil leaves, the mouthfeel of the non-chill filtered Hippocampus gin from Perth, and a hint of heat from chilli flakes into one long, refreshing drink that can take you through from small share plates to larger mains.

Cocktails Long Chim Sydney
Mig 21

Finish with the Mig 21 ($21), an after dinner barrel aged cocktail. The drink is inspired by the time during the Vietnam war in Bangkok , when US forces during their R&R drank the Mig 21, the name given for the Rusty Nail. The drink combines Johnnie Walker Double Black, with Drambuie, orange bitters, salt and absinthe, and is aged for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks in American oak barrel. An after dinner sipper served on clear ice, the drink balances sweet and smoke notes, with a saltiness that comes through at the end while the absinthe lifts the cocktail and cuts through some of the sweetness.

The cocktail list at Long Chim takes your palate on a journey. It can easily take you from refreshing pre-dinner drinks and food-friendly libations that complement Thai flavours to after dinner cocktails, sealing the flavour journey with a sweet-smoky, barrel aged flavours.

Long Chim Sydney
14 Martin Place (via Angel Place), Sydney

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