Review: Button Bar Launches New Cocktail & Food Menu

Button Bar in Surry Hills has released a new cocktail list that puts the fun into drinking and a food menu that includes a selection of cheeses and charcuterie.

Button Bar
Button Bar

Button Bar, which opened in Surry Hills in 2012 is part of the House of Pocket (previously Pocket Group) which includes Stitch Bar, Pocket Bar, Crooked Tailor, and Pocket Bar Terrigal. The small bar carries a subtle pirate theme with dark timber, cosy booths and a fun, chilled vibe that attracts a fun crowd.

Button Bar Cocktail Menu

Button Bar
Mattia Arnaboldi

In staying with the pirate-nautical theme, the new cocktail list by venue manager Mattia Arnaboldi (previously at Stitch Bar) is divided into three sections. “Pirates” feature rum-based drinks, “Sailors” offers gin-based cocktails and “Land Lovers” includes everything else. You’ll also find a good wine and beer selection and a extensive range of rum and gin (including Australian gin) and other premium spirits.

Button Bar
Velvet Daiquiri

From the “Sailors” list comes a twist on a daiquiri: The Velvet Daiquiri ($21) pays homage to the pineapple. Rum is infused with pineapple skin and core for three days. Roasted pineapple, velvet falernum and lime complete the picture and deliver a cocktail with a bright, fresh pineapple note with a good balance of rum and citrus. The Velvet Daiquiri is easy drinking and a good choice for a first drink of the evening.

Button Bar
Knifey Spooney

Knifey Spooney ($21) is a drink and a dessert in one. The Botanist Gin meets lemon myrtle and gets topped with house made rhubarb foam made of cooked rhubarb, citrus, egg white and cream. Eat it – you’re given a paddle pop stick – then drink it. The soft meringue-like topping adds sweetness and a fun, interactive element. The cocktail itself is a perfect marriage between the botanical notes of the Scottish gin and the Australian native lemon myrtle.

Button Bar
Grandmaster Flash 2

Grandmaster Flash 2 ($21) goes all Tiki with Mount Gay rum infused with Pandan for three days, guava juice, coconut milk and house made macademia orgeat with a lemon myrtle tincture. The Tiki flavours come together harmoniously with the creaminess of the coconut, pandan notes and the nuttiness of the delicious macadamia orgeat. Definitely one for Tiki fans as well as a good introduction of Tiki drinks to a novice.

When a cocktail is described as “garnished with Clint Eastwood”, one’s curiosity is piqued.

Button Bar
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly cocktail ($18) is a celebration of autumnal flavours. Ever had a cocktail that sounded good on the menu but when you took the first sip, you realised it’s one of the best cocktails you’ve had in a while? This is the one, a combination of aged rum, house-made plum pisco and chestnut liqueur barrel aged in a barrel washed with Oloroso sherry. And yes, you get a Clint Eastwood garnish. In fact, we loved it so much, we asked Mattia for his recipe which we have now published on Cocktails & Bars.

Button Bar Food Menu

Button Bar
Button Bar New Food Menu

You’re bound to feel peckish between drinks and Button Bar’s new cheese and charcuterie selection with toasted sourdough and crostini hits the right spot. The menu even has descriptors for every type of cheese and meats to make choosing easier.

Button Bar
Cheese (clockwise from top): Brillat Savarin, Marcel Petit Comte, Bleu des Basques, Mon Pere Brie

The cheeses are listed under White Mould, Blue, Washed Rind and Hard, with a choice of three under each type. Prices start at $21 for 2, $29 for 3 and $37 for four and include guava paste and grapes. Our top picks are the Brillat Savarin and Bleu des Basques.

Button Bar 
Charcuterie (clockwise from top): Cacciatorini, Salt Cured Aged Pancetta, Jamon Serano, Lonza cured loin

The Meat selection features eight types sincluding Prosciutto San Daniele and Nduja (spicy, spreadable pork salami). The Salt Cured Aged Pancetta is the top pick. It’s big on flavour and melts in the mouth, closely followed by Jamon Serano with its rich and nutty flavours.

Both the cheese and charcuterie are served at the right temperature to bring the flavours to the fore.

Other food options on the menu include Margarita or Pepperoni Pizza, Vegetarian Nachos and a selection of sides that include Ortiz sardines and toast and assorted pickles.

Button Bar is open daily from 4pm until midnight.

Button Bar is featured in Sydney’s Best Winter Bars.

Button Bar
65 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills

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