Valentine’s Day: Say It With Booze

It’s Valentine’s Day and our thoughts naturally turn to… romance booze. Last year, we gave you a saucy guide to Men and Martinis, and what his choice of drink reveals about him. Since romance is better with a touch of spice, instead of saying it with roses, chocolates and fluffy toys, spice up your sensual soirée with sexy spirits.

First and foremost, champagne always sets a romantic mood, particularly if you splurge on a prestige cuvée such as Dom Perignon, Bollinger or a vintage Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque. But if you’re after raw passion instead of heart-fluttering romance, say it with cocktails and spirits.

Valentine's Day Drinks
L-R: Modern Love, Saketini, Havana Club Selección de Maestros, 666 Vodka

Our top pick for a seductive cocktail is The Modern Love, a winning entry created by Luke Ashton in the World Class Competition 2013.  This “lusty libation” is made with gin, the bewitching Strega liqueur, Parfait Amour and sprayed with a bespoke fragrance from a vintage atomiser – one scent is set to arouse her, another is aimed at him.

For a cocktail that starts slow and builds with titillating passion, the innocent sounding Saketini at Kaya Sydney combines the delicate flavours of gin and sake muddled with coriander root and spring onion. Not convinced? The slice of red hot chilli at the bottom of the glass progressively adds a measure of heat to the drink, along with wicked thoughts.

Tequila tends to end up in shots and can hinder performance. So unless you’re after a wild night with the risk of having your man in a tequila-induced coma, stick to a Herradura Margarita, chilli-rimmed, which you can suggestively lick between your lips.

A classic vodka Martini made with 666 Vodka from Tasmania may result in devilish thoughts about your object of affection lust, or a trip down to Tasmania. An aged, sipping rum like Havana Club Selección de Maestros and Cubaney Rum 18 Year Old can fuel a wild pirate fantasy set in the Caribbean. Alternatively, you can exchange suggestive glances as you hold a nip of Ron de Jeremy Rum in your mouth and see where the evening may lead.

When it comes to the ultimate sensual expression of intent, nothing compares to the taste of peated single malt whisky, straight from his lips. The reason being – and I borrow a phrase from my novel in progress – “whisky always tastes better on a man”.

Now… who still wants red roses?

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