Ron de Jeremy Rum Tasting at Assembly Bar

Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy captivated his audience as he led a tasting session of Ron de Jeremy Rum hosted by the Sydney Rum Club at Assembly Bar. Ron was a recent guest of Sexpo in Sydney and will officially be launching his “Adult Rum” later in the week.

Ron de Jeremy
Ron Jeremy at Assembly Bar

“I come from a wide world of spurts”. That could have been his opening line.

Entertaining, charming and totally unpretentious, the adult film star took to the stage and played the harmonica to the tune of “When the saints go marching in”. What followed was a mix of entertainment and humour in which he encouraged interaction from the audience.

Ron de Jeremy Rum at Assembly Bar (9)
Ron Jeremy playing the harmonica

Addressing the most common of questions first, how the idea for Ron de Jeremy Rum was born, he explained that “ron” is rum in Spanish, a drink that was always his favourite. He was approached by One Eyed Spirits who wanted to find a “Ron” who was rather well known to put on a bottle. Ronald Reagan was dead, Ronald McDonalds was already on hamburgers, and Ron Jeremy had a successful track record with products.

Ron de Jeremy Rum at Assembly Bar (4)
The rings

“The internet putting the sex industry out of business,” he explained. The man nicknamed as “the hedgehog” started his porn career at the age of 25 after working as high school teacher for mentally handicapped children.

When asked by Gourmantic what of the future holds for Ron Jeremy, he spoke of upcoming showtime television, mainstream shows and a movie in which he plays a transvestite vampire.

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Ron de Jeremy Reserva Rum

Ron de Jeremy Rum is a Panamanian rum handcrafted by 75 year old Cuban Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez who has been making the spirit all his life. Aged for 7 years, the rum exhibits a good balance of oak and spice, and has a long lingering finish.

“The rum has been getting amazing reviews,” he said. “Once its gets beyond the jokes.”

At Assembly Bar, guests enjoyed a Rum Old-fashioned on arrival, a tasting of Ron de Jeremy Reserva neat, followed by the Ronicane cocktail.

Ron de Jeremy Rum at Assembly Bar (3)
Ronicane Cocktail

Ron de Jeremy Rum at Assembly Bar (8)
David Rofe (Challenger Beverages), Ron Jeremy, Tom Bulmer (Sydney Rum Club)

After the official tasting, Ron Jeremy graciously put his signature mark on bottles of rum, publicity posters and on women’s breasts.

Ron de Jeremy Rum at Assembly Bar (7)
Waiting for autographs

Ron de Jeremy Rum at Assembly Bar (6)
Signature RJ on the breasts

Ron de Jeremy

The Sydney Rum Club holds monthly tastings. Ron de Jeremy Rum’s official launch took place on Thursday 22 March 2012.

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Ron de Jeremy Rum

Sydney Rum Club

Assembly Bar
488 Kent Street
Sydney 2000

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