Bruxo No 1, Coralillo Joven & Reposado and Banhez Mezcal

In this meeting of the Sydney Agave Cartel, four different styles of Mezcals were on taste, presented by Octavio Gomez-Haro at Assembly Bar.

Bruxo No 1

Bruxo No. 1 Mezcal (40% ABV) is made from 100% Espadin Joven agave by Maestro Agavero Lucio Gutierrez using traditional ovens. Lucio has over 45 years of experience and is the creator of Bruxo No. 1.

The spirit is a little floral on the nose with a marked smokiness. It has less alcohol on the palate than on the nose with peppery notes and some citrus with a cinnamon finish and sweetness on the back finish. Bruxo No. 1 is a good sipping mezcal, for those who appreciate a lot of smoke and flavour. It goes equally well in a Mezcal Army Navy cocktail, made with cucumber juice, lemon juice, orgeat and orange bitters.

Bruxo Mezcal, Coralillo Joven & Reposado and Banhez Mezcal
L-R: Bruxo No. 1,  Coralillo Joven, Coralillo Reposado, Banhez

Coralillo Joven

Coralillo Joven (38%) is made from 100% Espadin Joven agave and was founded in 1897 by Don Ernesto Chagoya Llaguno. His son and grandson have continued the family tradition and are now the maestros agaveros.

Coralillo Joven has layers of complexity. It has a subtle nose, less peated with hints of camphor/eucalyptus. It has intense citrus on the palate, marked acidity, a little salty but less peated. It has notes of almond on the finish with vanilla on the back finish. Coralillo Joven makes a good introduction to Mezcal and suits those who don’t like a lot of smokiness on the palate.

Coralillo Reposado

Coralillo Reposado (38%) is made from 100% agave organico and aged for up to 2 years in new American oak which gives it an almond taste and brings dryness to the spirit. Octavio says it is representative of Mezcal in a Reposado way.

It has a subtle nose, is markedly less peated with a sweetness on the palate with oak and vanilla notes and a dry finish.


Banhez (38%) is a blend of two types of agave, Ensable Espadin and Barril Joven and is made by maestro agavero, Alejandro Reyes, known as El Conejo.

Banhez is marked by earthiness with mushroom and damp earth on the nose. On the palate, it has loads of smoke, a pleasant earthiness, a viscous mouthfeel, and a little sweetness but a dry, long and lingering finish. This is Mezcal to savour in good company at the end of a night.

Bruxo Mezcal, Coralillo Joven & Reposado and Banhez Mezcal
L-R: Octavio Gomez-Haro, Reece Griffiths, Ben Taouss

The Sydney Agave Cartel meeting was held on Monday 3 June 2013 at Assembly Bar.

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