Kagura, Surry Hills

A short walk from Central station in Surry Hills, Kagura is an izakaya that would be right at home if it were in the back lanes of Tokyo.

Kagura, Surry Hills

Underneath a ceiling festooned with origami cranes and surrounded by wall art and curios, Kagura will take your eye. Flynn McLennan (ex Zeta Bar, Uncle Mings) and Chef Yoshinobu Harada have brought together a space that is relaxed but not compromising on the quality of the dishes or the experience to be had.

Kagura, Surry Hills

Above the kitchen entrance, you will find a chalkboard that lists the Today’s Fish such as the Garfish Sashimi ($14) served with delicate and matching dipping sauces such as yuzu ponzu and sake sauce complementing the fresh and flavour of the fish.

Kagura, Surry Hills
Tulip Chicken Karaage

The Tulip Chicken Karaage ($14) is delightfully crisp and the flesh is tender and succulent with the schichimi spice Japanese Mayo  deliverinf a nice kick of heat. There is plenty of Karaage around the city but this is one that will definitely bring you back.

Kagura, Surry Hills
Herb and Parmesan Crumbed Broccoli

The Herb and Parmesan Crumbed Broccoli ($8) brings together the firmness of the broccoli with the light crunch of the crumbed cheese combining the light herbs with the bite of the parmesan. This is a green dish that all will enjoy.

Kagura, Surry Hills
Japanese Field Mushrooms

The Japanese Field Mushrooms ($14) are grilled in dashi which delivers wondrous umami to the earthiness of the mushrooms.

Kagura, Surry Hills

The Duck ($24), a special on the day, is lightly seared and smoked with the flesh perfectly cooked being pink and tender with a wonderful gamey flavour. The duck is served with a side of cauliflower and crispy chips.

Kagura, Surry Hills
Yoshi’s Daily Nigiri

Yoshi’s Daily Nigiri ($18) is selected from the day’s freshest seafood. The sushi delivers plenty of flavour and is clean on the palate while the fine textured vinegared rice supports but does not overpower the nigiri.

Kagura does its food simply and does it very well. There is no need to over complicate dishes when you have the availability and diversity of fresh produce at your disposal. Add to this a cocktail list that subtly uses the flavours of Japan, sakes and a range of whiskies including some very hard to find expressions and you have a place that will have you returning again and again.

If that trip to Japan is not happening soon, Kagura will take care of you.

72-84 Foveaux St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Dinner: Mon – Sat 5pm – 11pm
Lunch: Wed – Fri 12 – 3pm

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