Chivas Crafted for the Senses

The Baxter Inn in Sydney was the ideal venue for the Chivas Crafted for the Senses tasting session. The afternoon of sensory whisky experience was presented by visiting Chivas Global Ambassador, Max Warner with Ben Davidson, Spirits Ambassador for Pernod Ricard Australia.

Chivas Crafted for the Senses
Max Warner, Chivas Global Ambassador

Starting with an exercise in sensory deprivation, blindfolds were worn before edible objects were passed around with guests relying on their sense of touch, smell and then taste to identify the food. The aim of the exercise was to illustrate how depriving one sense can alter one’s expectations of taste. The fundamental message here is that the key to appreciation of Chivas 18YO is in the way the senses are engaged.

Chivas Crafted for the Senses is an iPad app that follows from the book of the same name. It was developed to make the Chivas 18YO drinking experience modern, luxurious and innovative. Eighteen drinks are showcased under three categories, Perfect Serves, Crafted Classics and Flights.

Chivas Crafted for the Senses
Chivas 18

Trilogy, from the Perfect Serves category consists of three serves Chivas 18 frozen at -2oC chilled at 7oC and at room temperature of 16oC to highlight how the aromas, texture and flavours alter with temperature, each offering a different drinking experience. Mistral, from the Flights category, is a trio of drinks that includes the Sour, Collins and Fizz. Exact Dilution demonstrates the plethora of flavours that the addition of water in varying ratios can have on the flavour profile. The Chivas Regal Blend has up to 85 flavours which have been identified by Master Blender Colin Scott.

Chivas Crafted for the Senses
L-R: Ben Davidson, Max Warner

While the app is mainly targeted towards industry and trade, there are fine examples for consumers to maximise their enjoyment of Chivas 18 YO and appreciate the complexities of its flavour profile.

The Chivas Crafted for the Senses app can be downloaded free of charge via iTunes.

Chivas Crafted for the Senses experience was held on Monday 18 November 2013 at The Baxter Inn, Sydney.

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