Chiswick Woollahra & Chiswick at the Gallery

As the weather turns to winter, Chiswick Woollahra and Chiswick at the Gallery  by Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan have launched their winter menus. A progressive lunch offered a taste of both worlds, starting at Chiswick Woollahra with a nibbles and entrees and moving to Chiswick at the Gallery for main courses and dessert.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryChiswick Woollahra

Chiswick Woollahra

At Chiswick Woollahra, it’s easy to relax with the garden outlook and partake in a seasonal menu that moves from nibbles to small plates, mains and larger plates to share.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryChiswick Garden

The Chiswick garden was established three years ago and is seeded and maintained by experienced horticulturalist Peter Hatfield. Only organic sprays and fertilisers are used with the garden having its own worm farm and irrigation system. The produce is picked three times a week including herbs which are used in cocktails.Having  garden on site allows for seasonal produce to be incorporated into the menu with a garden to plate approach.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art Gallery Wood-fired Garlic Bread, Garden Thyme

From the nibbles menu comes the Wood-fired Garlic Bread with Garden Thyme ($6), light and chewy with just enough garlic not to overpower the palate.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryPickled baby vegetables, macadamia

The Pickled Baby Vegetables with Macadamia($8) pack a gentle crunch,

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryPumpkin Arancini, Gremolata

while the Pumpkin Arancini with Gremolata ($10) are crisp on the outside with a a smooth and creamy in texture on the inside delivering subtle pumpkin flavour.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryVodka-cured Petuna Ocean Trout

Vodka-Cured Petuna Ocean Trout ($22) is a standout dish with fresh flavours and a little zing complemented with sliced radish and gherkins.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryBeetroot, Burnt Orange, Hawkesbury Goat’s Curd

Another winner is the Beetroot with Burnt Orange ($18) that has been charred sitting on top of Hawkesbury goat’s curd. The earthiness of the beetroot is balanced by the citrus in the burnt orange and the sharpness of the goat”s curd.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryCrispy chicken wings, pickled cabbage, chilli, lime

The Crispy Chicken Wings ($22) are simply a finger-licking affair and they come with a side of pickled cabbage and chilli and lime dipping sauce.

Chiswick at the Gallery

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryChiswick at the Gallery

Located inside the Art Gallery of NSW, Chiswick at the Gallery offers a different menu and a different dining experience in the heart of the city.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryChiswick at the Gallery Garden

The garden at Chiswick at the Gallery enjoys the sun as much as the Woollahra garden. Both are north-facing and again and bring the freshest seasonal produce to the table.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryPumpkin Risotto, Nettle, Tarragon

The Pumpkin Risotto with Nettle and Tarragon ($28) hits the spot in comfort food. The risotto is soft and creamy with the nettle adding a hint of sweetness.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryGrilled Whole Rainbow Trout

The Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout ($58) is the standout dish with the flesh being firm, moist and full of flavour. The fish is covered and filled with a medley of caramelised leeks, shallots and garden vegetables and herbs which impart a delicate flavour. This is a dish not to be missed.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art Gallery

Slow-Roast Moran Family Lamb

The Slow-Roast Moran Family Lamb ($66) is a signature dish at both restaurants and has seen many variations since Chiswick Woollahra opened. This version combines romesco, couscous and charred capsicum and needless to say, it deserves its status as the go-to dish at Chiswick. The meat is sweet and flavoursome, falling off the bone and melting in the mouth.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GallerySteamed Greens, Chilli, Lemon

The side dishes also take centre stage with a simple yet delicious mix of Steamed Greens ($11) such as broccoli, green beans, Brussel sprouts served crisp with a refreshing dressing of chilli and lemon.

When dining at Chiswick at the Gallery, it is well worth ordering a bottle of 2012 Tenute Girolamo La Voliera Negroamaro from Puglia in Italy. With ripe berries and spice such as clove on the palate, it’s rich and bold with good structure and tannins and makes a perfect accompaniment to meat dishes.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryChiswick Chocolate Mousse Cake, Hazelnut, Passionfruit

When it comes to dessert, the Chiswick Chocolate Mousse Cake ($16) with hazelnut and passionfruit satisfies die hard chocoholics. Rich and creamy, the chocolate mousse is light in texture and the tangy dollops of passionfruit cut through the sweetness.

Chiswick Woollahra & Art GalleryStrawberry, Rhubarb, Ouzo

But the simplicity of the Strawberry and Rhubarb with Ouzo ($16) steals the show in presentation. Beneath the vivid veil of strawberry sheath lie a medley of strawberries and rhubarb that have been gently cooked and peppered with the aniseed flavour of the ouzo.

With great locations and enticing winter menus, both Chiswick Woollahra and Chiswick at the Gallery are destination restaurants. The vibe is sophisticated enough for a special occasion yet friendly and attentive to entice casual dining where seasonal produce shines.

Chiswick Woollahra
65 Ocean St
Woollahra NSW 2025

Chiswick at the Gallery
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Rd
The Domain NSW 2000

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  • The dishes seem really classy and the atmosphere – sophisticated, indeed! Chiswick Woollahra and Chiswick at the Gallery are places I want to visit for a some time now… I would love to bring my family somewhere spacial for a baby shower dinner. We are moving from London soon so I definitely want to do something special and I want it to be in Chiswick as it’s always been my favourite area in London! Thank you for the review!