Bouche on Bridge Sydney

Bouche on Bridge, a modern European restaurant and bar by Executive Chef Harry Stockdale-Powell (ex Rockpool 1989, Marque) and business partner Emma Darrouzet has opened in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Bouche on Bridge Sydney – Photo Supplied

The striking venue is split across two levels. Downstairs is The Cellar at Bouche, a 60-seater wine and cocktail bar headed by Head Bartender Matt Linklater (ex-Bulletin Place). The 9 strong cocktail list combines sustainability with creativity and offers drinks that take you from aperitifs to post dinner and in between. A succinct bar food menu includes Oysters with Blood Orange and Wakame, Bug with Buttermilk and Chorizo, a selection of cured meats and a small subset of menu items from the restaurant.

Upstairs, the 80-seater restaurant with a modern interior by Rad Studio (Riley St Garage, York Trading & Co.) exudes sophistication. Original timber and brickwork have been restored to honour the building’s 130-year history along with refined metals and highly detailed finishes.

The food menu is designed to be shared and the dishes are listed by the land, the farm, and the sea. The kitchen team keeps produce in-house wherever possible such as bread, cultured butter, cold-pressed olive oil and cured meats. Whole animals are butchered on site and used in different cuts thereby reducing wastage.

The wine list is 300-strong and was selected by Head Sommelier Seamus Brandt (ex Rockpool Bar & Grill) combining a diverse range of new world wine with well loved classics.

If there is one prevalent theme at Bouche on Bridge is the attention to detail and thoughtful design, be it in the presentation of the dishes or the harmony of flavours that come together on a plate.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Kingfish, Beetroot, Pomelo

A beautiful presentation of Kingfish, Beetroot, Pomelo ($18) leads the way with fresh and bright fish complemented by the earthiness of the beetroot and balanced with a touch of citrus.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Beef Cheek Hot Pot

This Beef Cheek Hot Pot ($20) is tender, sweet cubes of beef cheek in a rich jus with a creamy smooth mash under a crisp mandolined top – a dish that is warming, comforting, beautifully flavoured and very satisfying.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Diamond Clams, Celeriac, Beer

Diamond Clams with Celeriac and Beer ($29) burst with savoury notes of celeriac and dill, with a broth waiting to be soaked up by the House Sourdough ($8) that ensures not a drop is left behind.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
House Sourdough, Cultured Butter

When not soaking up wonderful broth and juices, the sourdough is accompanied by whipped cultured butter that is also made in-house.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Asparagus, Hens Yolk, Grains

Asparagus, Hens Yolk, Grains ($19) is a vegetarian option that combines the lovely char flavour of the asparagus with puffed grains and the soft creaminess of the egg yolk.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Onion, Bone Marrow, Beef Sauce

Onion, Bone Marrow, Beef Sauce ($16) is rich, unctuous and wickedly delicious. The marrow is complemented by a rich beef jus and soft charred onions.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Landfall Lamb, Smoked Buckwheat, Chanterelles

Landfall Lamb, Smoked Buckwheat, Chanterelles combines pink and tender meat wrapped in a smokey pancetta that works so well with the smokiness of the buckwheat and the earthiness of the chanterelles.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Baked Mash

The Baked Mash ($12) is rich with a wonderful creamy buttery flavour and a soft yet thick texture.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Blue Eye Trevalla, Zucchini, Bullhorn Peppers

This Blue Eye Trevalla, Zucchini, Bullhorn Peppers ($36) delivers the fish moist with the full of flavour of the sea. The smokiness of the peppers combined with the sweet spice aromas plus the zucchini balls with toast cherry tomatoes makes this dish  a sensory delight.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Cos, Basil, Macadamia, Goats Cheese

A simple and delicious salad of Cos, Basil, Macadamia, Goats Cheese ($12) is both fresh and palate cleansing with the pesto adding another element.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Mandarin, Shortbread, Fennel

For dessert, the Mandarin, Shortbread, Fennel ($18) delivers a palate cleansing citrus hit,

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Hazelnut, Chocolate, Malt

while the Hazelnut, Chocolate, Malt ($16) is best described as the love child of a giant Malteser and a Ferrero Rocher ball, a sweet treat that will definitely satisfy chocolate lovers.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Beetroot, Goats Milk, Liquorice

Naturally, we’ve left the best till last. The Beetroot, Goats Milk, Liquorice ($18) is a knockout dessert, a perfect marriage of the earthiness of beetroot with savoury and tart notes complemented by the creaminess of the goats cheese.

Bouche on Bridge Sydney
Speyside Stinger

Should you feel like an after dinner cocktail, the Speyside Stinger ($18) with Minted Glen Grant, Menthe, Cacao and Creme Fraiche delivers the warmth of the whisky with a balanced hint of freshness.

Bouche on Bridge has many things happening from wonderful fresh produce with much prepared in-house, to a stunning design to dine within to friendly and knowledgeable wait staff. The most important thing amongst all these is that Bouche on Bridge is serving beautifully prepared, imaginative food that while in some ways may seem simple but does not ever take the easy way out. The diner may be there for a single course meal or there to enjoy the tapestry of the menu or somewhere in between. Whichever way, Bouche on Bridge will deliver beyond expectations.

Bouche on Bridge is open for lunch and dinner six days a week.

Bouche on Bridge
6 Bridge Street, Sydney
Restaurant hours: Monday – Friday: 12pm – 11pm; Saturday: 5pm – 11pm
Bar hours: Monday – Saturday: 4pm – midnight

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