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Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette, Paris

When you think of Galeries Lafayette in Paris, you are reminded of the various floors of fashion beneath the stunning coupole. But there’s more to the chic Parisian store that celebrated its centenary in 2013.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Galeries Lafayette is made up of three separate stores adjacent to one another, Lafayette Coupole, the main store with ladies’s fashion, Lafayette Homme for menswear and Lafayette Gourmet, and Lafayette Maison, the home store.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Lafayette Coupole

Located along boulevard Haussmann, Lafayette Coupole is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful department stores in the world. Under the coupole, or the ornate dome, shopping women’s fashion and cosmetics is an experience not to be missed.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
La Coupole

The first floor has recently been re-designed into luxury fashions with major labels and cosmetics houses for one to be pampered.

Galeries Lafayette
Christian Dior, Level 1

Leather good, handbags, fashion accessories, fine jewellery and perfumes make for some serious lèchevitrine, or window shopping.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Pierre Herme, Level 1

On the same luxe floor, you’ll find Pierre Herme, a popular macaron haven with tourists, an Angelina outpost,

Galeries Lafayette
Entrance to La Galerie des Galeries

and La Galerie des Galeries, an exhibition and events space which changes every three months.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Kaspia Le Bar, Level 1

In fitting with the luxury ethos, Kaspia Le Bar is a sleek champagne and caviar bar in black and gold tones. You can indulge in a selection of baeri and osietra caviar with blinis, baked potatoes and poached eggs while sipping on Champagne Kaspia or a variety of Kaspa Vodkas.

Galeries Lafayette
La Terrasse

Lafayette Homme

Across from rue Mogador, you’ll find Lafayette Homme, the men’s store extending over four levels. The highlight of this store is Lafayette Gourmet on the first floor.

Lafayette Gourmet

An entire floor is dedicated to gourmet food, bread and pastries, fresh produce, wine and spirits.

Galeries Lafayette
Paulette Bistrot, Lafayette Gourmet

The food section is made up of several counters, some with an option to dine in, each with a specific focus such as seafood, charcuterie and foie gras.

Galeries Lafayette
Lafayette Gourmet Cakes

Paulette Bistrot Charcutier, Sadaharu Aoki patissier, Eric Kayser Bread, Dolloyau Chocolate, Petrossian Vodka and Caviar, fresh fruit and vegetable stalls are some of what you will find amongst the dizzying array of food items.

A supermarket section carries gourmet items which are good to take home such as a range of Mazet chocolates, mint Zizis, and Calissons d’Aix, a specialty of Aix en Provence.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Lafayette Gourmet, Lafayette Homme

Outside the checkout section, you’ll see a stunning display of spices reminiscent of Middle-Eastern and Indian souks that invites you to make a purchase.

Le Barouge – Lafayette Homme

Situated inside the wine and spirit section, you’ll find Le Barouge, a casual bistro with a focus on classic French fare.

Galeries Lafayette
Le Barouge

The menu includes Soupe a L’Oignon Gratinee (8 euro), Le Tartare de Boeuf (18 euro) even Lafayette Burger comme a New York City (17 euro).

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Brandade de Morue

From the main dishes, comes the Brandade de Morue (20.50 euro), a tasty dish with salted cod, potatoes and garlic. Each dish is matched with a wine available in either 8cl or 12 cl tasting size.

Galeries Lafayette
Café Gourmand

Desserts have been chosen by Chef Arnaud Lahrer, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007. A Café Gourmand (8 euro) offers a short black coffee, macaron, mini financier, florentin and ice cream.

Bordeauxthèque – Lafayette Homme

Walk past Le Barouge towards La Bordeauxthèque and prepare yourself for the largest Bordeaux wine cellar of in the world.

A corridor is lined with rows of bottles, those on the right start at 6 euros with the classification made by increasing price. On the left, there are monthly specials with a selection from 16 to 21 euros. Further along, wines are selection based on the location of the river, those on the right bank are based on merlot and the ones on the left back are based on Cabernet Sauvignon.

Then you will see it.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Bordeauxthèque, Lafayette Hommes

With its circular design, La Bordeauxthèque was created to resemble a Roman temple, a sacred place for the Grand Crus Classe housing a large selection of vintages. The best wines of Bordeaux, the five 5 1er Grand Crus Classe, Lafite Rothchild, Latour, Mouton, Margaux and Haut-Brion are housed inside the temple.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
Inside the Bordeauxthèque, Lafayette Hommes

The eye leads to the ultimate items of worship, a selection of Chateau d’Yquem of various vintages, the oldest being from 1899 juxtaposed with the youngest from 2008.

Gourmet Tour of Galeries Lafayette
1899 Chateau d’Yquem

This is a moment in which to worship and contemplate in private.

Lafayette Gourmet, including the Bordeauxthèque will be relocating to Lafayette Maison in September 2014.

Lafayette Maison

Across rue Charras, you’ll find the home store, Lafayette Maison extending over five floors.

Galeries Lafayette
Laguiole Knives, Lafayette Maison

Aside from bedding, furniture, tableware and gifts, you’ll find cookbooks, cutlery and cooking utensils on level -1, including a range of Laguiole knives and moulds for canneles.

Detaxe Information

Non-residents of the European Union are entitled to claim a 12% detaxe or tax refund on purchases over 175 euros. To qualify, you need to have your passport with you and to make the purchases in the same store on the same day (Lafayette Gourmet is excluded).

Once you have completed your purchases, go to the tax refund office on level -1 of the main store with your passport and receipts.

Useful Information

  • Galeries Lafayette is reached by metro stations Chassee d’Antin-La Fayette (lines 7 and 9), Trinite (line 12) and Opera (lines 3, 7, 8, or by RER stations Auber (A) and Haussman-St Lazare (E).
  • Souvenirs are located on level -1 of Lafayette Coupole, as is the Detaxe office.
  • To make a purchase, you need to go to “La Caisse” located around each floor.
  • Restrooms are scarce so allow plenty of time as the queues are often long.
  • Galeries Lafayette does not allow photography in some sections and you will be told as such. The photographs in this article were taken while on an escorted media tour.
  • To qualify for the Detaxe/Tax Refund, you need to spend a minimum of 175.01 € in one store on the same day, and have your receipts and passport with you.
  • If you’re visiting around Christmas, the store is beautifully decorated including the facade and is well worth a visit at night. You can see Galeries Lafayette at Christmas here.
  • Galeries Lafayette is open Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 8pm with late night shopping on Thursday until 9pm. The store is closed on Sundays.

Photography © by Gourmantic – Copyright: All rights reserved.

Galeries Lafayette
40 boulevard Haussmann Paris 75009

Gourmantic visited Galeries Lafayette on a media tour as a guest of Rail Europe and Turkish Airlines.

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