Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017

Gourmantic has released GOURMANTIC BIRTHDAY GIN 2017 in celebration of its 8th birthday.

Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017

Corinne Mossati and Kevin Burke, Founder and Co-Founder of online magazine Gourmantic have released Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017 in celebration of Gourmantic’s 8th birthday on June 26, 2017.  

The small batch limited release gin was distilled on World Cocktail Day, 13 May 2017 at Ironbark Distillery. Eight traditional and Australian native botanicals were selected to craft a uniquely-flavoured Australian gin.

“We set out to create a savoury and briny style of Australian gin with the Martini in mind,” said Corinne Mossati, Founder/Editor of Gourmantic and Cocktails & Bars. “The gin was inspired by our Friday night Martini ritual at home, savoury flavours, Australian native botanicals and our proximity to the beach.”

Bottled at 45.6% ABV, the flavour profile has juniper upfront followed by subtle citrus with savoury notes peaking mid-palate and finishing with a hint of the sea.

Guests at the Gourmantic Origins Dinner held at the Gourmantic home were the first to taste the gin. The G8 Gibson Cocktail was served during the Cocktail Hour which preceded an 8 course dinner paired with drinks.

The gin was crafted by award-winning Australian Distiller Reg Papps of Ironbark Distillery in NSW in a 200L still with neutral cane spirit as a base using the vapour infusion method.

Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017 is a limited release, an Australian gin best enjoyed in a Martini and its variants including a Gibson, a Dirty Martini and in popular gin cocktails such as the Red Snapper. The gin can also be sipped neat, on ice, or used with mixers such as with soda water, and in a classic gin and tonic garnished with a cherry tomato with a basil leaf and Australian native citrus.

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Corinne Mossati

Corinne Mossati is a drinks writer, author of GROW YOUR OWN COCKTAIL GARDEN, SHRUBS & BOTANICAL SODAS and founder/editor of Gourmantic, Cocktails & Bars and The Gourmantic Garden. She has been writing extensively about spirits, cocktails, bars and cocktail gardening in more recent years. She is a spirits and cocktail competition judge, Icons of Whisky Australia nominee, contributor to Diageo Bar Academy, cocktail developer and is named in Australian Bartender Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential List. Her cocktail garden was featured on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and has won several awards. She is a contributor to Real World Gardener radio program and is featured in several publications including Pip Magazine, Organic Gardener, Australian Bartender and Breathe (UK). Read the full bio here.