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Qana: Grotto, Miracle and Carvings in South Lebanon

When the car stopped near a gravel path during a visit to the south of Lebanon, little did we know what to expect. Situated 10 kilometres southeast of the city of Tyre, the village of Qana/Cana lays claim to the first miracle performed by Jesus where at a wedding in Galilee, he turned water into wine.

Qana Lebanon
Qana Cave

Upon arrival, a local man took it upon himself to act as tour guide. He escorted us to the cave where Jesus is said to have spent some time in reflection before the first miracle was made.

Qana Lebanon
Looking out from the Qana Cave

Along the way, he showed us the stone carvings of the apostles. According to our guide, these date from the time of Christ when Jesus and his disciples rested against the rock.

Qana Lebanon
Carved into the stone at Qana – Jesus’ apostles

Qana Lebanon
Close up of stone carvings

Looking out in contemplation from the cave onto the undulating valley, the rocky hillsides and the odd verdant patch, not a sound could be heard. We could do little but admire the peace and tranquillity evoked in these biblical surrounds.

Qana Lebanon
The valley and rocky hillsides, Qana

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  • What an amazing experience to be present in the same spot where a miracle happened! I had no idea this place existed. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

  • What a blessing for me to have the opporutunity to visit this wonderful Christian site of Qana. It was a tourist bus trip, the site was very clean and orderly. I was so plesently surprised the public that you can enter the arcological site safely and was well maintained.
    I will recommend that even on a very short visit to lebanon that you can visit this amazing site it is only two hours far of the Capital Beirut.

  • thanks for sharing i am lebanese and been there few times my brother brought back a piece of a broken water jag back as memory from the cave when we got back my brother secretary begged him for the broken piece cause her son had some sickness for 25 years her faith was so strong that my brother could not say no to her and month later guess what son is normal sickness is gone .

    few more things i like everyone to know every time israel bombed lebanon they always targeted this sit and twice people were killed by groups (massacre ) women and children and 1 more thing israel made a fake site and called it qana in israel just to take tourist to it and say this is qana .