Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Christmas is just a few weeks away and it’s time for the annual Gourmantic Christmas Gift Guide.

Gourmantic Christmas Gift Guide 2017

In this Christmas Gift Guide 2017, we’ve put together a selection of gifts for foodies, drink enthusiasts, whisky lovers and collectors just to name a few.

For the Cocktail Novice: The Cocktail Garden

The Cocktail Garden

Be inspired by the pretty botanicals illustrations to make seasonal cocktails at home. With over 80 easy to follow cocktail recipes, you’ll impress your guests this holiday season. Read our review of The Cocktail Garden here.

For the Aussie Spirits Lover: Ironbark Distillery Gift Set

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

If you’re not familiar with Ironbark Distillery in Richmond, this is your chance to get to know their spirits with these gift sets of 4 in any combination of your choosing. Our top picks are 313 Dry Wattleseed Gin, 313 Dry Gin, Chai Spirit and Corn Rye Moonshine (4 week barrel aged). They come gift wrapped, nestled in a bed of wood wool and wrapped in cellophane, presented in either a black or white small metal pale. Earlier in the year, Distiller Reg Papps crafted the Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017 for us.

For the Home Cook: The Great Australian Cookbook


The Great Australian Cookbook is a compilation of recipes from one hundred of Australia’s finest cooks, chefs and bakers. Buy the gift that supports OzHarvest which will receive royalties from the sale of book to support its work nourishing those in need. Read our review of The Great Australian Cookbook here.

For the Whisk(e)y Fan: Membership of The Whiskey Co-Op

The Whiskey Co-Operative

The Whiskey Co-Op is a whisky club for like-minded individuals who appreciate a good dram. They hold regular tastings for members at The Wild Rover bar in Surry Hills and whether you’re a whisky novice or an enthusiast, there will be welcome surprises held throughout the year.

For the Cocktail Enthusiast: Around the World in 80 Cocktails

Around the World in 80 Cocktails

Travel around the world as you learn the history of 80 fames cocktails from around the globe including Australia’s own. The story of each cocktail comes with an easy-to-follow recipe, including classics and some new recipes. Read our review of Around the World in 80 Cocktails here.

For the DIY Home Bartender: 12 Personal Gifts

 Christmas Gift Guide 2017

To the home bartenders among us, give a personalised gift of home-made liqueurs, syrups, infusions and tinctures. Here are suggestions and step by step recipes for 12 DIY Christmas Gifts for the Home Bartender.

For the #FoodPorn Addict: Beau Cook’s Food Porn

Food Porn

Not for the faint-hearted, this cookbook is for the avid foodie who likes a bit on the side. Guaranteed to make put a mile on your day. Read our review of Beau Cook’s Food Porn here.

For the Wine Lover: Wine Down to Christmas

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Imagine how your friends or family would feel receiving a box full of wines including La Planchelière Sparkling Rosé from France, Fat Cat Shiraz, Porta Dante Prosecco or 2008 Victoire Gold Vintage Champagne.

For the Home Entertainer: Chandon S Sparkling Wine

Chandon S

Celebrate the festive season with Chandon S, a sparkling wine which has a refreshingly unexpected twist on the classic champagne cocktail. Created following the traditional French methode traditionnelle champagne making process, Chandon S adds a unique twist and has been created using seven natural, high quality, local ingredients including blood orange and navel orange peel, gentian root, fresh ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and green cardamom.

For the Non Drinker: Seedlip


Seedlip non alcoholic spirit takes the guess work out of what to drink when you’re not drinking. Choose from Seedlip Spice or Seedlip Garden and you can easily be mixing adult non-alcoholic cocktails at home. Read all about Seedlip here and our interview with Founder Ben Branson.

For the Deviant at Heart: Deviant Distillery Ginger Liqueur

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Deviant Distillery in Tasmania, the one producing 10-year-old “whisky” in just 10 weeks has released is a limited edition summer release ginger liqueur. At 20% ABV, it starts a little on the sweet and fruity side and develops into ginger and spice note that linger beautifully on the finish. Sip it neat or with ice. It’s like Christmas in your mouth.

For the Collector: Grey Goose Riviera Bottle

Grey Goose Riviera

Grey Goose Vodka is wearing a new label that celebrates the brand’s French heritage on its 20th anniversary. The design features classic marinière stripes, popularised by the bathing beauties of the nouvelle vague. Defined by visible brush strokes reminiscent of France’s Impressionist Movement, the stripes give the bottle an appearance of spontaneity and vitality fit for the season. Dreaming of a holiday in the Riviera yet?

For the Music & Champagne Lover: Champagne Lanson Music Box

Champagne Lanson Music Box

Champagne Lanson has introduced their limited-edition Music Box to house the Lanson Black Label Brut NV. The unique gifting case allows a smartphone to be docked in the top lid, enabling an amplified sound when music is played from the device, transforming the Lanson Music Box into a makeshift speaker. The Champagne Lanson limited edition Music Box is sold as a gift set with the Lanson Black Label Brut NV and retails for $49.99 (on promotion for $40.00 for Nov and Dec).

For the Backyard Home Entertainer: An Esky of Beer and Cider

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

What could be better than receiving an esky full of beer and cider to help with the Christmas cheer? Pairing the brews with food sucj as Dos Equis Lager Especial with Beer Guacamole and Nachos, John Boston Pale Ale with Beer Battered Flathead, and Change Beer wih Pinapple Fried Rice. There’s even a booklet of food pairings at Dan Murphy’s to help you decide.

For the Low ABV Drinker: Regal Rogue Vermouth

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Whether you’re after a low ABV spritzer, a reverse classic cocktail or simply sipped neat on ice, Regal Rogue Vermouth covers all bases. The vermouth is made from a blend of native Australian aromatics married with 100% Australian fine wine and comes in Lively White, Daring Dry, Bold Red and Wild Rosé. Read more about Regal Rogue Vermouth here.

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