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Arts et Métiers: A Jules Verne Paris Métro Station

Arts et Métiers is a Paris métro station that you are less likely to pass during your travels unless you’re on your way to Père Lachaise Cemetery. But it is one that is well worth a visit.

General Information
Located in the 3ème arrondissement, Arts et Métiers station is named after Musée des Arts et Métiers, a museum which dates back to 1794 and is devoted to the preservation of scientific instruments and inventions.

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Arts et Métiers métro station

The station has two lines, Line 3 running in the directions of Gallieni – Pont de Levallois-Bécon and Line 11 in the directions of Châtelet – Mairie des Lilas.

For the bicentenary of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in 1994, the station was redesigned by François Schuiten, a Belgian comics artist in a style that echoes the science fiction works of Jules Verne.

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Line 11 Platform

The platform for Line 11 – the shorter métro line – has copper panelling, portholes and wheels suspended from the ceiling. Subdued lighting adds to the effect. Even the seats and the bins glow in a copper tone. Sit down and look up,  and you’ll feel like you’re on board the Nautilus.

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Wheels suspended from ceiling

Nearby Attractions
You can visit Musée des Arts et Métiers which is located nearby but there’s little else of interest in this part of Paris for the visitor.

Make sure you visit both platforms. While the Line 3 plaform may look  a little subdued in comparison to its counterpart, take note of the copper lighting above your head.

If you are visiting Père Lachaise cemetery, allow a little more time to stop at Arts et Métiers station and marvel at the interior. It is well worth a detour if you’re looking for something different to do on a rainy day.

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Line 3 Platform

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Line 3 platform lighting

Photo Gallery

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Portholes and copper bins

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Roue hydrolique , debut XIX siècle (early 19th century)

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Sphère Armillaire XVIII siècle (18th century)

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station
Copper seats

Arts et Métiers Paris Métro Station

This article is part of the ongoing series Paris Métro stations aimed at inspiring the enjoyment of this public transportation system. In the series: Abbesses, Bir-Hakeim, Cité, Cluny-La Sorbonne, Europe.

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