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Airline Review: Air New Zealand Queenstown to Sydney

Gourmantic travelled to Queenstown courtesy of Air New Zealand.

irline Review: Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand, Queenstown Airport

The scene is all too familiar. You’re on board your flight, the plane is taxiing along the tarmac and the in-flight safety video is about to begin. You’re either vaguely paying attention while day dreaming about your destination or looking busy with your magazine, iPad or newspaper. Then you hear the whole cabin erupts in laughter.

Airline Review: Air New Zealand
Flight NZ 831

The New Zealand travel experience may begin with checking in at the airport but when flying Air New Zealand, the most memorable part of the journey starts with the airline’s in-flight safety video.

The entertaining mini movie is presented by Golden Girl Betty White and a cast of oldies including Gavin MacLeod, Captain Stubing of The Love Boat. We won’t spoil the surprise as you can watch the video at your own leisure.

irline Review: Air New Zealand
Flying Over Queenstown

Once airborne, it’s time to bid a quick au revoir to the natural beauty of Queenstown, the snow-capped mountains, the clear lakes, the many wineries you’ve toured while the memories remain indelible.

irline Review: Air New Zealand
In-flight Meal

The Air New Zealand flight NZ 831 from Queenstown to Sydney takes a little under three hours. There is enough time to enjoy a glass of an Air New Zealand Awards winning wine, select from a choice of two hot meals and maybe finish that movie you started watching on your iPad or digEplayer on the way to Queenstown.

Airline Review: Air New Zealand
Koru Lounge, Queenstown Airport

In no time, you’ll hear the fasten seat belt sign sound and you’re getting ready for landing.

Air New Zealand flies daily non-stop between Sydney and Queenstown. The comfortable journey is available at three price options which include Seat Only, Seat and Check-in Bag, The Works with meals, drinks, movies on a digEplayer, or the Works Deluxe with premium check-in, lounge access with more personal space.

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