Meet Our Contributors:

Corinne Mossati

Corinne Mossati is the Founder/Editor of popular online magazine Gourmantic and Cocktails & Bars, a website dedicated to cocktail culture and the discerning drinker. She is named in Australian Bartender Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential List, is a member of The Academy responsible for judging the World’s 50 Best Bars. She has also judged the inaugural Australasian Whisky Awards and various national cocktail competitions. Corinne is published in Executive Style by Fairfax. In 2017, she created the Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017 in collaboration with Ironbark Distillery. Read the full bio on Corinne Mossati here.

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Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke is the Co-Founder of Gourmantic. He was first carried onto a plane at 3 months old. He enjoyed it so much, most of his efforts have been to get back in them to travel. He has lived on 3 continents and in addition to his love of travel and food, he is passionate about wine, chocolate and music.

Kevin is often found behind the camera. His photography has been featured in Australian Bartender Magazine, Executive Style, CIVC Champagne Tasting (link) and by Wolf Blass Wines.

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Thomas Binetter

Thomas Binetter is a solicitor, musician, traveller and all-round Gourmantic tragic. All experiences were at the author’s volition and cost.

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Previous Contributors

Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan is a wannabe wino-foodie, a cook, a traveller, an animal lover and fashion victim. He joined Gourmantic in 2013 as a regular contributor and has not looked back.

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Dan Jones

Dan Jones is a hospitality professional with ten years behind the stick. He hopes to open his own venue one day and is doing everything he can to gather as much knowledge on the industry as possible. He has previously written for an automotive magazine as an independent contributor.

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Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt is a freelance writer and author, having written and contributed to multiple publications on various topics, including travel, video games, food and martial arts. He has short stories under the name of AP Hunt which are available on Amazon.

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Craig C

Craig is an office worker by day, and by night trolls the internet planning holidays (many of which will only happen in his dreams) but has successfully managed to visit France, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada (twice), USA (3 times), New Zealand, New Caledonia and Japan.

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Dudley Fuxton

From an early age, Dudley Fuxton saw things peculiar to his home town that he found ridiculous and amusing… and was driven by the urge to write about them. He grew up in TidyTowns Southern area’s second Neatest Street (runner up 1986), and wrote several letters to the judging panel criticising their selection criteria. He soon started regularly writing to newspaper editors, and for two weeks had his own Lawn Tips column in the St. Mary’s Enquirer – before level 4 Water Restrictions killed his dream.

These days he’s an obsessive news website and town planning forum commenter, too frequently fuelled by the desire to point out the inanity and political bias in the objects of his unconvincing scorn. When he’s not scouring bottle shop bargain bins for cheap Shiraz, he’s events coordinator of the Southern Districts Chapter of the Dr Maryanne DeMasi fanclub. He lives in suburban bliss with Mrs Fuxton, a slightly senile cat, and an aging, noisy, Toshiba Laptop.

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Bryan Freeman

Bryan is a Sydney-based photographer who loves to travel and capture architectural, landscape, still life/abstract photographs and images of people. Photography is the air he breathes. While he loves the quality film can bring to a scene, he also enjoys the creativity and versatility that digital imaging has brought to everyone.

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