Rochefort and Maker’s Mark Christmas Party with Bambini Trust Canapés

The first of the Christmas parties kicked off at Rochefort bespoke tailoring in partnership with Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky.

Rochefort - Makers Mark

Over 50 invited guests, customers and media attended the event at Rochefort’s boutique workshop inside the historic St James Trust building in Sydney and enjoyed a few glasses of the festive punch made with Maker’s Mark.

Rochefort - Makers Mark
Inside the Rochefort shop

Rochefort is a gentlemen’s tailor and outfitter who creates handsome tailored suits, shirts, ties and jackets. Shane Rochefort, who is a textile designer by trade, began designing silks and neckties in 1998 and later established Rochefort in 2001.

Rochefort - Makers Mark
Jared Plummer, preparing the Maker’s Mark punch

The Samuels Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice punch was created especially for the event by Jared Plummer, Maker’s Mark Brand Ambassador and ALIA’s Brand Ambassador of 2011. The punch is also steeped in craftsmanship and is the result of 12 hours of preparation combining Maker’s Mark with a spiced port syrup lemon juice, oranges and ginger beer.

Rochefort - Makers Mark

Recipe: Samuels Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice… 
Maker’s Mark – 1.75L
Lemon juice – 300mls
Ginger beer – 3L
Spiced Port syrup* – 300mls
3 Oranges – sliced in thin wheels for garnishing the punch bowl
Bag of ice – 5kg

Spiced Port syrup
*Peel of 6 lemons and 12 oranges
1kg castor sugar
6 cracked cardamom pods, 1 cracked whole nutmeg, 6 cloves, 6 star anise & 4 cinnamon quills
700mls Port (Your preferred choice)

To prepare – combine citrus peel, sugar & spices in an airtight container for 24 hours, shaking a few times throughout.  Add the Port and leave for a further 12 hours, stirring well. Strain the finished compounded syrup through cheese cloth, bottle and refrigerate. To serve – combine all the ingredients in a large punch bowl, stir well and serve.

Rochefort - Makers Mark

Maker’s Mark dates back to 1953 when Bill Samuels Sr created the bourbon whisky in Loretto, Kentucky. At the time of release, the bourbon was far from being a success as people were unaccustomed to the gentler and softer taste of bourbon which ultimately became the trademark flavour of Maker’s Mark.

Many guests who professed to not being regular bourbon drinkers enjoyed the taste of Maker’s Mark straight or over ice.

Bambini Trust Café, also located in the St James Trust building, provided delicious canapés including grilled chorizo with potatoes, arancini balls and marinated prawns with aioli.

(From top left):  Hummus with Candied Orange and toasted bread; Grilled Chorizo & Saffron Potatoes; Paté on crostini; Arancini balls with fish; Marinated prawns with aioli; Salt & Szechuan Pepper Calamari with Lime Aioli

Rochefort - Makers Mark
Shane Rochefort (L) in his workshop with Jared Plummer (R)

Shane Rochefort is the man behind Rochefort Bespoke Tailoring and Outfitter.

Rochefort - Makers Mark

The partnership between Rochefort and Maker’s Mark was fostered in 2009 with both brands aligned by their care and passion to create quality products using traditional methods.

Rochefort - Makers Mark

The Rochefort and Maker’s Mark Christmas Party was held on Friday 25 November 2011 at Rochefort’s premised in the St James Trust Building.

Gourmantic attended the event as media guests.

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