PizzAperta, The Star Sydney

Following from the success of his Osteria Balla, Manfredi’s PizzAperta has opened The Star Sydney in Pyrmont.

Pizzaperta, The Star Sydney
PizzAperta Team

PizzAperta is a hybrid of pizza and aperta meaning open, a catchy name for we are open for pizza.

Pizzaperta, The Star Sydney
Outdoor Communal Tables

The venue is located harbourside of The Star on street level overlooking Pyrmont wharf and channels a casual and takeaway vibe with outdoor communal tables, a wood-fired oven and pizzas served in their boxes.

Pizzaperta, The Star Sydney
Gianluca Donzelli

Head Chef Gianluca Donzelli brings his home town traditions and expertise from two-Michelin-star Restaurant Don Alfonso near Sorrento. He is the official ambassador for Neapolitan Pizza in Australia and recently placed fourth at the International Pizza Competition in Naples.

Pizzaperta, The Star Sydney
Wood-Fired Pizza

The menu is divided into Traditional & Classic (Margherita, Quatro Formaggi, Calzone Napoli), Seasonal & New Wave (Lamb Belly Ricotta and Mediterranean herbs, Prawns, Zucchini & Mint), and Roman Focaccia Style including Calamari & Rocket with prices starting at $13. Desserts include classics such as Tiramisu and Tratufo di Cassata.

Pizzaperta, The Star Sydney
Stefano Ferrara M130 Oven

Aside from the Stefano Ferrara M130 wood-burning oven from Naples, the main attraction at Pizzaperta is the flour Manfredi uses. The dough is made from unrefined stoneground Molino Quaglia ‘Petra’ flours imported from Italy, matured and then leavened naturally for a minimum of 24 hours using a classic biga method to create a more digestible dough. The result is a light dough base that doesn’t feel heavy in the stomach.

Humble Italian street food, Italian-infused cocktails and a unique wine list are set to draw the crowds to PizzAperta for lunch and dinner.

The Star Sydney
Ground Floor, 80 Pirrama Road Pyrmont
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:30am to 10pm, Sunday 11:30am-5pm
Ph: (02) 9777 9000

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